WATCH: New video from Everything Everything

The recently-debuted 'Regret' gets a promo with a serious narrative.

With Everything Everything gearing up to release third album Get To Heaven on June 20, our first sonic hit of it comes in the form of 'Regret'.

Today, we get the promo, directed by the band's singer Jonathan Higgs.

So says he about what you'll be seeing below:

"The video for 'Regret' is a display of power; a charlatan and his followers descend into madness and chaos. I wanted to show people in the throes of ecstasy and pain, finding something strong in their faith, and becoming more and more extreme in their emotions and behaviour. It's supposed to be a look into the minds of extremists and what if feels like to really believe something, regardless of how deep or dark it goes."

Without further ado...


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Manchester foursome Everything Everything graced many a Hot In 2010 list at the start of the year and while back then I wasn't convinced they weren't just a bunch of Friendly Fires clones, they've really come into their own with the hugely satisfying 'Schoolin''. Supremely camp retro-funk with a miraculous rock edge - everything (everything) I've always wanted (swoon).

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