Former Eurovision Winner Charlie McGettigan Says RTÉ Should Boycott Eurovision

In the wake of the shocking actions of the Israeli military on the Gaza border over the past few days, Charlie McGettigan – who won the Eurovision singing Brendan Graham’s ‘Rock ’n’ Roll Kids’ with Paul Harrington – has said that RTÉ should withdraw from next year’s competition, if it goes ahead in Israel.

Charlie McGettigan previously won the Eurovision for Ireland in 1994 with Paul Harrington, performing the song 'Rock'n'Roll Kids'.

Speaking with Joe Duffy on RTE Radio 1, he said that Ireland should resist attempts to have the Eurovision hosted in Israel, and that it's broadcaster should consider boycotting it if the event goes ahead in the country.

"I think they need to make a decision, but if they don’t, I think we need to make the decision not to go," McGettigan said on Liveline on Tuesday.

"It was dreadful yesterday (Monday) seeing Netanyahu and the Trumps celebrating while people are dead."

He argued that boycotting the Eurovision would be an attempt for Eurovision to voice their opposition to Israel's military actions.

"It's a chance for the whole of Europe who are involved in Eurovision to make a statement and sort of say, 'Look, we don't agree with this'."

Speaking about the US/Israel celebrations which took place in Jerusalem, McGeittgan said: "It was like Nero in Rome...fiddled while Rome burned."

As it stands, the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 is scheduled to take place in Tel Aviv in May.


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