WATCH: YouTube Darling Dodie Clark's Latest Music Video

A plastic doll illustrates the perils of mental illness in 'Intertwined'

Dorothy "Dodie" Clark, Doddleoddle on YouTube, often addresses her mental illness in very personal public videos. She is loved and adored by nearly one million followers who stay up to date and identify with her life struggles.

In the midst of touring all over the US, UK, and Japan, Dodie released her second official music video. The set is a doll house where a couple faces each other in various positions before the woman is destroyed by increasingly violent means representing the torments of anxiety.

'Intertwined' was directed by Sammy Paul with art direction from Guy Larsen and photography direction from Ciaran O'Brien. Paul and O'Brien also worked on Dodie's first music video, 'Sick of Losing Soulmates.'

“If you’ve never dealt with mental illness at all, you’re probably thinking, ‘Dodie, just turn it off. Stop talking about it. Stop obsessing over it. You’re attention seeking. You’re making this up. You’re making yourself believe that you’re ill’. I am so happy you can feel that way, because it means you can’t relate to this.” — Dodie Clark

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