Danielle Meagher: "If you do any drugs, you're a junkie"

She's the 'celebrity' dentist turned Botox magnate who rose to fame through reality show 'Dublin Wives'. But Danielle Meagher insists she has no interest in being a household face and is the last person you will see at a high-profile social-event.

Hot Press have been speaking with Botox magnate Dr. Danielle Meagher for about twenty minutes at this stage. Already she's been pretty frank on the issue of alcohol, and how we consume it as a country.

When broached with a question on drug use, the fiery Dublin clinician isn't too happy.

"Are you having a laugh," she responds. "I actually find it really insulting that you'd ask me that. I'm a clinician. I'm on the register. You can't ask me that!" She then goes on to add that: "Anyone who does cocaine or smokes marijuana is a junkie in my eyes. If you do any drugs, you're a junkie."

Unfortunately we'll never know how Hot Press writer - and advocate for cannabis legalisation – Olaf Tyaransen's face looked upon hearing that statement. You can however read his reaction, and the rest of a very entertaining interview in our new issue of Hot Press which is in shops today.

Dr. Meagher also discusses her spat with fellow 'Dublin Wife' Virginia Macarai, her soft spot for French rugby players and how she'd like to be President someday.

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