Irexit "Would Be Even Worse" Than Brexit

Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Brexit Stephen Donnelly TD has called for Ireland’s energies to be focused on preparing for Brexit, rather than on following in its disastrous path.

Irexit would be even worse for Ireland than Brexit is turning out for the UK, said Donnelly who was speaking after an Irexit meeting was held in Dublin, with Nigel Farage, the ex-leader of UKIP, being one of the speakers.

Deputy Donnelly stated, “The empty rhetoric on Irexit is similar to the nonsense sold to the British people in 2016.

"The UK Government’s recently leaked analysis on the economic damage Brexit is likely to cause speaks for itself.

“Brexit hasn’t made the UK stronger, it has made it weaker, and smaller. It is costing jobs in England and Wales. It is driving up inflation.

"It has made a new independence referendum in Scotland more likely. It has caused untold worry in Northern Ireland, with nobody yet able to show how the UK can forge its own trade deals and simultaneously guarantee no border around the six counties.

He added: “There are lessons we must learn from Brexit. First, it provides a stark illustration of just how shortsighted it would be for us to leave the EU.

"Second, it shows what damage can be caused when a country becomes divided, when moderate politics fails too many people, and they turn to the extremes. Ireland’s response must be to create a more equal country, through investment in areas like education, children and community supports.

"Third, Brexit must be the catalyst for a new programme of economic expansion. The requires a comprehensive and ambitious plan and supports for the indigenous sector, targeting new markets in the EU and further afield."

He concluded: “The EU is far from perfect, but it’s still one of the most progressive political forces the world has ever seen. Our role it to work within it, to help improve it, and to prosper in it, along with our neighbours.”


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