Album Review: Booka Shade, Movements 10

Classic album from German electronica duo gets the reissue treatment

The Frankfurt duo of Walter Metziger and Arno Kammermeier stand apart in Germany’s richly diverse electronic music scene: not a part of the brilliant Kompakt label, nor one of the hugely exciting underground acts currently rocking Berghain on a weekly basis, they have instead plowed their own distinctive tech-house furrow for the past decade, becoming firm festival favourites in the process.

As the title suggests, Movements 10 is a reissue of their classic 2006 effort Movements, with a fully remastered sheen and an additional tranche of remixes. The likes of ‘Body Language’, ‘Darko’ and ‘Take A Ride’ are all vintage exercises in pulsating house, and a welcome reminder of why Booka Shade achieved international renown in the first place. Highlights of the remixes, meanwhile, include excellent retoolings by avant garde guru Nils Frahm and Berlin minimal house fiends M.A.N.D.Y.

Overall, the perfect soundtrack to kickstart a debauched weekend.


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