Review : Black Rebel Motorcycle Club ' Wrong Creatures'



Left somewhat in the trail of The White Stripes and The Strokes during the early noughties garage rock revival, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have quietly – well, loudly – assembled a formidable body of work. On albums like BRMC, Take Them On, On Your Own and Howl, they have brilliantly ploughed their furrow of shoegaze-tinged noise-rock. Their participation in Dave Grohl’s Sound City project, meanwhile, indicates the esteem in which they’re held by rock royalty.

Moodier than previous efforts, Wrong Creatures finds Peter Hayes and co. exploring a vein of darkly atmospheric rock, with tracks like ‘Spook’, ‘Ninth Configuration’ and ‘Question Of Faith” having a thrillingly menacing feel. In addition to their fondness for sonic blitzkriegs, BRMC have also always had a fondness for hazy psychedelia, and on ‘Haunt’ they indulge it to the full – with winning results. They may be a cult concern, but BMRC remain rebels with a compelling cause.


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