Hot Press Track of the Day: Let’s Set Sail ‘1560 Powell’

Dublin 4 piece Let’s Set Sail are a fine example of the level of talent in Ireland. In the same breath, you’re unlikely to find something directly comparable with their unique sound.

Combining folk melodies with electronic elements, Warrens McCarthy’s voice could be called a highlight, if all of the other elements weren’t so outstanding in themselves. The result of the distinctive combination is something gently propulsive, with emphasis on some beautiful and effective harmonies, particularly those at the forefront from Marian Hughes.

Taken from the EP The Nothingness of Now (released through Homebeat with a launch party at Studio 10 Dublin this evening), ’1560 Powell’ is the perfect opener.

The song begins with some twinkling synths that gradually lead to the introduction of McCarthy's vocals. He is soon joined in a soothing call and response harmony by the rest of the band. Subtle electric piano, air-y synths and understated beats lift the song to an atmospheric piece of beauty. The song captures you and pulls you in, a perfect appetiser to whet your appetite for the following 4 songs on the record. The vocals are at times accented, which is something that gives the band their distinctly Irish touch.

Further adding to the familiar sense is their use of local colloquialisms and mentions of places around Dublin, and makes the entire EP a nostalgic piece of work. With a cacophony of textures and skilful arranging, this is an entirely stunning body of work. We live in hope for an LP, but in the meantime, take a minute (or six) to enjoy ‘1560 Powell’ below.


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