'I spent my childhood trying to escape': Kevin Spacey's brother talks exclusively with Hot Press about their early years

In a sensational, world exclusive interview with Hot Press, Kevin Spacey’s brother Randy B. Fowler talks in detail about being sexually abused as a young boy by their father.

He also reveals, for the first time, that he once planned to kill their father with a gun that he found in the family home, which he describes as a “house of horrors”.

The interview, conducted by Hot Press senior editor Jason O’Toole, offers a fascinating insight into Kevin Spacey’s childhood. Randy also tells Hot Press that he now wants to sit down with his estranged brother over a glass of Bailey’s Irish Cream this Christmas to openly discuss their past for the first time. Randy says that he always “sensed” that Kevin was gay – even as a “shy” child.

On wanting to kill their paedophile father, Randy says, “I sat in the closet with a loaded luger that he had brought back from World War II. I figured out how to load it. I was going to blow his ass away. I sat there all sweaty palmed with that gun in my hand: a little 14-year-old kid in the closet. And if he would’ve opened up that door, I can guarantee you it would’ve been all over.”

On the possibility that their paedophile father actually raped Kevin, Randy reveals, “I spent my childhood trying to escape ‘the creature’ and protect my little brother. Could I have been there all the time to protect him? My efforts may have been for nothing. The allegations against my brother are scary. To think that I could’ve spent an entire childhood protecting my brother from nothing! It shows how cruel life is.”

In a four-page interview, Randy offers his deepest insights into the mind of his brother, and why he wishes, despite everything, to reconnect with him.

The new issue of Hot Press is available in stores tomorrow (December 8). You can order below or via download in the iOS app .


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