In the new Hot Press: Actor Ezra Miller talks Justice League, ballet and elderly assassins

With the latest DC comic adaptation Justice League due to land on November 17th, Roe McDermott caught up with Ezra Miller to talk about playing The Flash and the training that went into his preparation for the role.

Having first made his break as the chillingly psychopathic killer Kevin in Lynn Ramsey's acclaimed We Need To Talk About Kevin, before going on to garner further attention in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Ezra Miller has certainly made his mark as an actor capable of shape-shifting with ease. In the interview, he discussed how, from an early age he was prone to inventing wildly different characters for the various stories that he constantly conceived:

"As a kid, I put a lot of time and energy into writing a drawing. I had a whole series about three elderly women who were assassins, which was called I'm Getting Too Old For This. I even invented a superhero called Super Pig, who was a chameleonic swine of sorts!"

With a few parallels with his current role as Barry Allen, otherwise known as The Flash, he shed some light on this role, which he has previously performed briefly in Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad:

"[He] is not infallible or immortal. He is very much a fragile, vulnerable human being. He's also somewhat socially inept. He is also not fearless. My version of Barry experiences crippling anxiety and terror, and he uses with and humor to deal with that fear."

On the laborious task of preparing for such a physically demanding role, he noted an unlikely source of inspiration too - the Ballet:

"To better understand The Flash's movements, I worked with several dancers and choreographers. I took an interest in ballet and found a lot that was useful in the form of petit allegro - which consists of quick, lively and small jumps."

To read the full interview, check out the new Hot Press starring St. Vincent, which is available in stores now (November 9)– direct from or via download in the iOS app.


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