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So who is best at sex, then?

Is it the Yanks with their enthusiasm; the Aussies with their frankness; or the Germans with their, umm, precision? And how do Irish men compare with their international peers? Anne Sexton road-tested males of eight different nationalities (not in the last fortnight, you understand) and is delighted to offer her educated view on the subject...... READ MORE


It makes a huge difference to your sexual development – and ultimately to your sexual...

Hot Features/Sex   - 14 Aug 2014


They have a long and distinguished history, and nowadays come in all shapes, sizes and...

Hot Features/Sex   - 01 Aug 2014

Sex Column: You Want Sex? Just Say Yes

A debate is currently raging about the idea of ‘Enthusiastic Consent’. That’s when you say...

Hot Features/Sex   - 17 Jul 2014

Why did I shag that guy – I mean girl?

Whoever you had sex with, and whatever he or she looked like, there is someone...

Hot Features/Sex   - 11 Jun 2014

Drugs and sex

There are those who might say that it is an unholy combination. But from the...

Hot Features/Sex   - 25 Apr 2014

He's having sex with another woman!

And you know it. So should you tell the wife or girlfriend who is being...

Hot Features/Sex   - 10 Apr 2014

To shy, shy...

Social awkwardness can be endearing in moderate quantities but, come on guys, let's not overbake...

Hot Features/Sex   - 27 Mar 2014

Are you a vagina-having, sex-loving, men-fancying single person?

If so, then read on. For what follows is a primer in how to escape...

Hot Features/Sex   - 18 Mar 2014

Sex Column: Let's have the big debate

It's only February - and already a series of controversies on sex and sexuality have...

Hot Features/Sex   - 27 Feb 2014

Sex: Gifts keep on giving

Is giving a gift on Valentine’s Day the ultimate expression of love or just a...

Hot Features/Sex   - 18 Feb 2014

2014: Sex is about to get even hotter

While the basics remain constant, the sexual climate is likely to get even better over...

Hot Features/Sex   - 05 Feb 2014

I won't have Sex on Camera

There are some things which even a well-known sex columnist won’t do (perhaps Paris Hilton...

Hot Features/Sex   - 16 Dec 2013

Woman are guilty of Sexual Harrassment too

The cliché is that men are responsible for 95% of sexual harassment and rape cases. But...

Hot Features/Sex   - 02 Dec 2013

So what do Women really not want?

Well, the last thing they want – and this may go for blokes too –...

Hot Features/Sex   - 18 Nov 2013

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