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The myth that only men treat the opposite sex as objects, is just that - a myth. The sooner women are more honest about their lustful feelings, and the sooner society stops treating sexually open women as sluts the better it will be for all of us.... READ MORE

Tinder & Grindr Usage Has Spiked In The Olympic Village In Rio

Daft Punk's 'Harder, Better, Faster', has never felt more appropriate...

Features/Sex   - 11 Aug 2016

Burlesque: The Countdown To Ireland’s Big Night Starts Here

Santina Spitfire is competing in the Irish Burlesque Championships later this month. Here, she explains...

Features/Sex   - 12 Jul 2016

Anne Sexton explores modern dating rituals and our First Dates obsession

First Dates offered a glimpse into the way people behave when they are looking for...

Features/Sex   - 14 Jun 2016

Sex: Are You The Sexiest Version Of Yourself?


Features/Sex   - 31 May 2016

Tinder: Is there an orgy of hot sex waiting for you?

The ‘dating’ app makes great claims in relation to the numbers using it. But are...

Features/Sex   - 14 Apr 2016

Sexed Up: The Fuckzone is where bullies thrive.

Make no mistake, casual sex can be brilliant, wonderful, even life-affirming. But in the fuckzone,...

Features/Sex   - 06 Apr 2016

Sex Column: Sex Equalled Shame

Eighties Ireland: in a country where divorce was impossible, unmarried mothers were treated like...

Features/Sex   - 08 Mar 2016

Sex Column: Ask every candidate will they repeal the 8th

The introduction of the 8th Amendment to the Constitution in 1983 was one of the...

Features/Sex   - 24 Feb 2016

Who Said Foreplay Was Just For Girls?

Men have been lectured for a long time about how ladies need a bit of...

Features/Sex   - 02 Sep 2015

Sex Column: Who Said Foreplay Was Just For Girls?

Men have been lectured for a long time about how ladies need a bit of...

Features/Sex   - 27 Aug 2015

Sex Column: Why Didn't She Leave Him?

...Or, in a different situation, you might ask, why didn’t he leave her? Abusive relationships...

Features/Sex   - 17 Aug 2015

Sex Column: Pick-Up Artists Are Wankers

The crass outlook of pick-up artists is insulting and fails to recognise each individual's unique...

Features/Sex   - 04 Aug 2015

Sex Column: If You've Got Something Unusual Hiding In Your Pants, Let Me Know...

There are no rules as to how much you reveal to prospective sexual partners. But...

Features/Sex   - 29 Jul 2015

Sex Column: Sex On The Beach

It may be the name of a cocktail, but it is also a reasonably popular...

Features/Sex   - 14 Jul 2015

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