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In Sex Does One Size Fit All?

For example, there’s a theory that the way to a woman’s heart is through straightforward

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Bright Lights, Big Orgasm - This Fortnight's Sex Column

For a long time, our correspondent has been seeing things when she has an orgasm.

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Is Hate The Best Way To Love (And Have Sex?)

It may seem perverse, but people often bond over how much they dislike something –

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How Many People Have You F*cked?

In a nice way, that is! A UK research project found that both men and

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Sex column: Men should be able to control their fertility

With the exception of condoms, the responsibility for avoiding pregnancy has generally fallen on women.

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Sex News: My Night with a Female Hetero Romantic Bisexual

It might sound complicated – but I was very impressed indeed with Laura when she

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Cannabis Makes Sex Better

Cannabis lube, that is. And, based on our sex columnist's personal experiments, it heightens sexual

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When An Interest In Sex Was Considered A Form of Madness

In terms of our understanding of the human mind, it is important to remember that

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Repeal The 8th & The Struggle Of Irish Women

Since the introduction of the 8th Amendment to the Constitution in 1983, women in Ireland

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Men Are Sex Objects Too - Anne Sexton talks double standards and the female gaze

The myth that only men treat the opposite sex as objects, is just that -

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Tinder & Grindr Usage Has Spiked In The Olympic Village In Rio

Daft Punk's 'Harder, Better, Faster', has never felt more appropriate

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Burlesque: The Countdown To Ireland’s Big Night Starts Here

Santina Spitfire is competing in the Irish Burlesque Championships later this month. Here, she explains

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Anne Sexton explores modern dating rituals and our First Dates obsession

First Dates offered a glimpse into the way people behave when they are looking for

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Sex: Are You The Sexiest Version Of Yourself?

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Tinder: Is there an orgy of hot sex waiting for you?

The ‘dating’ app makes great claims in relation to the numbers using it. But are

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