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He's having sex with another woman!

And you know it. So should you tell the wife or girlfriend who is being cheated on? Or would you let a bloke know if his wife was having it off with someone else? It's an interesting conundrum indeed...... READ MORE

To shy, shy...

Social awkwardness can be endearing in moderate quantities but, come on guys, let's not overbake...

Hot Features/Sex   - 27 Mar 2014

Are you a vagina-having, sex-loving, men-fancying single person?

If so, then read on. For what follows is a primer in how to escape...

Hot Features/Sex   - 18 Mar 2014

Sex Column: Let's have the big debate

It's only February - and already a series of controversies on sex and sexuality have...

Hot Features/Sex   - 27 Feb 2014

Sex: Gifts keep on giving

Is giving a gift on Valentine’s Day the ultimate expression of love or just a...

Hot Features/Sex   - 18 Feb 2014

2014: Sex is about to get even hotter

While the basics remain constant, the sexual climate is likely to get even better over...

Hot Features/Sex   - 05 Feb 2014

I won't have Sex on Camera

There are some things which even a well-known sex columnist won’t do (perhaps Paris Hilton...

Hot Features/Sex   - 16 Dec 2013

Woman are guilty of Sexual Harrassment too

The cliché is that men are responsible for 95% of sexual harassment and rape cases. But...

Hot Features/Sex   - 02 Dec 2013

So what do Women really not want?

Well, the last thing they want – and this may go for blokes too –...

Hot Features/Sex   - 18 Nov 2013

Does A Bigger Dick Make For Better Sex?

It is an interesting question. The problem is that not everyone is agrees on the...

Hot Features/Sex   - 04 Nov 2013

Fun, Flirty, Fit And Attractive Blonde Up For No Holds Barred Casual Sex

The world of classified ads is a curious one. If you are advertising your wares,...

Hot Features/Sex   - 21 Oct 2013

I Am A Fan Of Masturbation

But the question of when, where and using what paraphernalia is an open one. Well,...

Hot Features/Sex   - 07 Oct 2013

Sex Column : So You like A Big Ass After All!

Well, join the club! There are more gorgeous arses than ever before on public display....

Hot Features/Sex   - 18 Sep 2013

Wildlife: Every Man Is A Potential Rapist

That is what women are taught to believe. Which might just explain behaviour that can...

Hot Features/Sex   - 06 Sep 2013

We Started The Session With Foot, Leg & Thigh Worship

Some women like to be dominated. Some men do too. This is one man’s account...

Hot Features/Sex   - 25 Jul 2013

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