Carolina Liar live at the Academy

These Carolina Liar boys are going places fast.

“C’mon, testify! Are you ready to get higher?” Chad Wolf growls, holding the Academy floor in his thrall. Having been propelled to fame this year with the chart-topping ‘Show Me What I’m Looking For’ (you may recognise it from Gossip Girl, 90210 and just about every other American TV show of the moment), Carolina Liar don't put a foot wrong.

Wolf’s vocals are shockingly faultless, pitch perfect from start to finish (this is demonstrably not a man who needs any help from our Lord AutoTune). And, at 50 minutes long, Carolina Liar have mastered the art of the perfect length gig.

As I said, not a foot wrong. Album title-track ‘Coming To Terms’ is fueled by the sweetest riffs; the five-minute instrumental ‘Simple Life’ has us clutching our pints extra hard.

Wolf tells us that the song we’re going to hear next changed his and his friends’ lives forever. No one can deny that ‘Show Me What I’m Looking For’ is a choon and a half, or that it feels awesome to sing the familiar ‘Save Me/I’m lost’ refrain with a sweaty and impassioned Chad Wolf conducting. The concluding ‘I’m Not Over’ is even more epic. These Carolina Liar boys are going places fast.


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