Love 2

French Smoothies return to lunar landscapes

Messieurs Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel –...

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Air at The Olympia, Dublin

The French duo at the second of their two nights in Dublin

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Air live at the Olympia

The legendary band will perform in Dublin on February 23.

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Air confirm Dublin visit

The Gallic popsters are playing two Olympia shows.

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Pocket Symphony

Air have retained their trademark dream-pop sound, though they have added a few interesting new elements to the mix.

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Surfing on a Rocket

A characteristically gorgeous slice of dreamy electro-pop (though perhaps slightly more tense than the supremely languid, blissed-out epics of yore), ‘Surfing’ is one of the standout tracks of Air’s excellent third album..

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Live at the Olympia, Dublin

Ladies and gentlemen, we are floating in space. A few tracks into Air’s stunning show at the Olympia and the redoubtable Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel are already gently elevating us to a higher plane of consciousness.

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Celestial navigation

Whether it's a four-minute love song about a caress that lasts ten seconds, a journey through the universe in a silver plane or a simple escape form war, Air promise that you'll never have a bad trip with their music. Danielle Brigham talks to Jean-Benoit Dunckel, one half of the enigmatic French duo.

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Talkie Walkie

Très formidable. A lush collection of chilled cosmic electronica is just what a weary post-Chrimbo body needs. What’s more, nobody does it better than that duo with those haughty sounding names, JB Duncknel and Nicolas Godin.

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Air return to Dublin

If it's glacial Gallic cool you're after, look no further than Air who return to Dublin on February 15 for a show in the Olympia.

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Air/Barrico: City Reading - Tre Storie Western

"Air’s dreamy atmospherics are lost in the project and Baricco’s monotone dominates the proceedings, because this is, technically, a spoken word album"

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Everybody Hertz

Everybody Hertz is an album of re-mixes of three selected tracks from the previous album, mixed by luminaries such as Daft Punk's Thomas Banghalter, Mr Oizo, Malibu, Adrian Sherwood, Modjo, The Neptunes and the Hacker

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Air apparent

Air are keen to talk about intellectualism and art. fine, says James Kelleher, just so long as we can also talk about blowjobs. Maintenant, read on…

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You come to an Air gig to be entertained, inspired and entralled

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All the while there were moments of beauty and depth, but they were never quite sustained, never quite took off

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10,000HZ Legend

'Electronic Performers' lifts the curtain on Air 2001, and you soon realise you're not in for an easy Moon Safari-style ride

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Premiers Symptoms

The hiatus between albums is often an excuse for record companies to recycle and repackage the most outrageous muck imaginable in the interests of exploiting an artist's marketability - particularly when the act in question has produced a twenty-four carat classic of modern times, and there's no indication of a follow-up in the foreseeable future.

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