Ho-hum third record from brit chanteuse

Although much of Imogen Heap’s third album errs on the side of caution, there are several peachy numbers. ‘Earth’ sounds not unlike something our own Julie Feeney would come up with, ‘2-1’ drums up the kind of theatrical, gloomy drama you’d expect to hear at a black mass, and love song ‘Between Sheets’ is a fragile gem.

Yet for every great tune, there’s one that could soundtrack a Ford Focus ad. Heap’s feminine rasp sits well with the gloopy electronica of songs like ‘Swoon’. But it quickly becomes habitual when paired with songs that fail to stretch her creativity to its previously-tested limits. There are parallels to be drawn between parts of this album and Natalie Merchant’s ‘Ophelia’, especially on the clutch of tracks dripping with atmospheric tension.


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