See Mystery Lights

SCi-fi hi-jinks from ‘the nerdy Kraftwerk’

What do you get when you pair up a shit hot record producer (Jona Bechtolt) and a science fiction writer (Claire Evans)? Why, Yacht of course. Their fourth album is a cavalcade of electro-influenced pulses and noises. Recorded in rural West Texas, the duo are heavily inspired by the world of paranormal activity. But forget any hokey, Most Haunted-filled notions you might have, they’re quite subtle about it all and don’t ram their spooky beliefs down your throat. Sadly though, the music itself doesn’t seem worthy of the effort. If you like Talking Heads, conga drums, Afro-beats and tracks that don’t really go anywhere, then you’ll find some merit on See Mystery Lights but if listening to a nerdy Kraftwerk fan’s conspiracy-fuelled acid trips is your idea of hell then pass on this one.

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