Keep Me in Mind Sweetheart

Their sunniest record yet, Campbell and Lanegan continue to impress with this short, but sweet, mini album.

Keep Me In Mind Sweetheart is the third release from Campbell and Lanegan, and also probably their sunniest to date. Clocking in at just 22 minutes, the six-track mini album has a more poppy feel than previous outings, with lines like “summer was high when you caught my eye” starting us off in high spirits on the opening title-cut. A country song through-and-through, the short and sweet track also featured on the pair’s last release, Sunday At Devil Dirt, but is arguably more in place here.

On the jauntier ‘Fight Fire With Fire’, Lanegan adopts a rich, husky tone, as he plays one half of a stubborn couple who can’t stop arguing (fights include which AC/DC record they prefer – Lanegan’s a Dirty Deeds... man, his better half prefers Back In Black). The decision seems to be to keep arguing, and avoid the heartbreaking alternative: “hushabye love, you’re breaking my heart/if there is no answer, we’ll both have to part/wipe the slate clean, go back to the start.

The tone changes for the swirling Christmas-y lullaby ‘Asleep On A Sixpence’, where Lanegan embraces his inner Tom Waits; and ‘Violin Tango’, complete with jazzy double bass and vinyl-quality crackles. Then it’s back to country for ‘Rambling Rose’, with slide guitar and more rich bass sounds. “Oh I love you so” Lanegan croons as Campbell sings a soft echo, “you’ll never know dear.”

The closing gambit, ‘Hang On’ is the only track, which features Campbell on lead vocals (Lanegan sits this one out). With a mellow guitar riff and her soft plea: “hang on, baby hang on,” this delicious closer could be a more laid-back, sunshine kissed ‘Everybody Hurts’.


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