XOXO Panda and the New Kid Revival

A rackety, sing-along sound from a band on a largely undefined mission.

So let’s start the new kid revival, we’ll make it up as we go along, and if they say we’re doing it wrong, we’ll just turn up the sound, we’ll turn up the sound of our songs...

Hmm. Yet another band with a vague and ill-defined manifesto about youth and being young. What does this remind me of... let me think... Oh yes. Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Or possibly another youth movement that wanted to rip up the rule book – The Hitler Youth. It might sound benign now, but before you know it Her Space Holiday and their ilk will be rounding up accountants, systems analysts and the old fogeys like me and putting us in camps. Luckily as they’re only armed with crayons and four-track recorders they should be easily overpowered by my nail on a stick and your jagged rock. Ha ha! Take that idealists! What’s the music like? Oh rackety, singalong, occasionally joyous, kitchen sink, anti-folk with a production makeover. Music of a kind I once craved, and now exists on every street corner apparently. Job’s Xoxo, then...


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