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Do It

If you pardon our French, Clinic’s fifth album is pretty fucked up – and yet it's also their best effort to date.

Rating: 6 / 10

Edwin McFee, 18 Apr 2008

If you pardon our French, Clinic’s fifth album is pretty fucked up. You see, all things considered, Do It could very well be the soundtrack to a party thrown at the Playboy Mansion with Nick Cave and Dr John fighting it out over what music to play on the stereo, as David Hasselhoff recites Chaucer in a corner. Depending on your viewpoint, it’s either really cool or really weird, but since I love the odd walk on the wild-side, I’m not complaining.

Clinic’s musical vision has always been slightly skewed, and although the Liverpool quartet have been making their devilishly twisted racket for over a decade, Do It is by far their best effort to date. There is a strangely welcome feeling of uncertainty throughout. All 11 tracks bob and weave in and out of a myriad of musical genres, taking in psychedelic influences as well as Motown, trance and ’60s guitar pop. It’s a sound that shouldn’t really work, but in Clinic’s hands it does. Where they go from here is anyone’s guess, but if Do It is anything to go by, it’s sure to be one hell of a ride.

Key Track: ‘Mary & Eddie’

Rating: 6 / 10
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