Young Knives gamble away the ending to a solid album.

Those sharp-suited and booted poindexters The Young Knives are back in action this month with album number two Superabundance. What we have this time around is yet more jerky rhythms coupled with some spazzy time changes and snazzy lyrics – no bad thing in this writer’s book. The first half has plenty of highlights such as recent single ‘Up All Night,’ (which is reminiscent of Rocket From The Crypt’s ‘On A Rope’) and ‘Turn Tail’ and ‘Light Switch’ also bounce along nicely too. So far so good, but then around the track 10 mark (‘Flies’) it all gets a bit Wicker Man. ‘Mummy Light The Fire’ is as horrible as the title suggests. ‘Current Of The River’ fares no better, and The Young Knives seem keen to test the waters by revealing their folksy side. It’s more than a little bizarre hearing the tweed-loving three-piece sound like Morris Dancers, and the gamble ends up ruining what started out as a pretty solid album. Still, if you ignore the last four songs, Superabundance is a respectable addition to their canon. I can’t see these geeks inheriting the Earth any time soon though.

Key Track: ‘Up All Night’


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