Life In Cartoon Motion

Mika's wide sonic palette has already been touted (by himself and others) as a trump card, but this listener detected a sizeable gap between ambition and achievement throughout Life In Cartoon Motion.

Eclecticism and ambition are overrated. Most artists are...

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Love Today

I should, by rights, given that I loathe the Scissor Sisters, find Mika equally annoying. ‘Love Today’ is essentially a SS record in every respect. Yet while you won’t ever find me feeling like dancing to Jake Shears & co, something about this Mika lad strikes a chord. ‘Grace Kelly’ was fab and this isn’t bad either. Strange days indeed.

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Mika live at Spirit, Dublin

Apparently, Mika is playing this year’s Oxegen. If he’s to make an impact there, he’ll need to pick up some stage tips. Maybe he should stop listening to Queen and start watching them instead.

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Grace Kelly

Mika is too good to be true – in a very scary way. A waxy , cravat-wearing synergy of Rufus Wainwright, Freddie Mercury and Scissor Sisters, this 23-year-old Londoner of Lebanese extraction deals in glitter-ball piano balladry: imagine a Queer Eye For The Straight Guy make-over of James Blunt and you’re in the zone. Obviously, ‘Grace Kelly’, a dandy-ish ode to looking fantastic in ruffled evening wear, is going to sell and sell and sell – six months from now Mika may well be the most hated man in pop. So let’s enjoy him before the taste-makers sink fangs into his taffeta- coddled rump.

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Mika makes Irish debut

Mika opens his Irish account with a March 1 visit to Spirit, Dublin.

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