Brexit is "Bigger Than Berlin Wall", says Kinks' Frontman

Singer Ray Davies has opened up about his thoughts on Donald Trump and also about his fears of possible repercussions for the EU and UK following Brexit, describing the event as one that will have an even "bigger" impact than the crumbling of the Berlin Wall.

Sir Ray Davies says that Brexit is "going to be a shift of gigantic proportions". In an interview with the Guardian, he added that it will be an event “bigger than the Berlin Wall, like regrowth and replacement after a war".

He added: "Hopefully we don’t have a war or a huge crisis, but we’re going to go through an immense change. We’re reassessing our culture, our sensibilities, the way we react to other cultures. It’s an imploding culture.”

He also opened up about the man of the moment, US President Donald Trump... but surprisingly he was less fearful about this controversial figure being the so-called most powerful man in the world.

“I’ve bumped into him a few times and it was all right. Like bumping into a bloke in a bar. It’s hard to criticise and judge," he told the Guardian

“You get all the rhetoric when they’re trying to get into power, but as soon as they get the key to the front door, the pressure is on. He’s trying to run the country the best he knows how and he only knows one way to get what he wants: total power.”


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