Save The Date: 'Votes for Repeal' to take place on International Woman's Day.

Along with the confirmed legislation wording for the abortion referendum, Abortion Rights Ireland have announced the date for their next March.

With 2018 marking a hundred years since the Woman's Sufferage movement, there has been a tidal wave of noticeable events to mark the occasion. The Repeal Eight campaign have announced their own event for the 8th of March, International Woman's Day. Their main slogan 1918 - Votes for Women / 2018 - Votes for Repeal is a call to march, to again show support for repealing the Eighth Amendment.

The march will commence at 5:30pm from outside the Garden of Remembrance, and those attending are encouraged to bring family, friends and posters.

In a direct quote from the campaign, they state:

"In 2018, as we begin the campaign for the right of women living in Ireland to make decisions about their own bodies, we shout: “Votes for Repeal. ”

A 100 years ago, women’s suffrage was only for those over 30 with property or means; today, it is women with neither the means nor the ability to travel, who lack another fundamental right: the right to healthcare, including abortion care.

On the centenary of the struggle for the vote, we have an historic opportunity to tell our law-makers that we don’t want women buying abortion pills on the internet, taking them unsupported, afraid to seek medical aftercare because they could face 14 year prison sentence.

We don’t want another death like that of Savita Halappanavar. We don’t want tens of thousands more women leaving the island for medical care they should be able to have safely in their own country."


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