Savages Open Up About Being Controversial in the New Issue of Hot Press

Savages are one of the most innovative rock bands to come out of the UK in recent years. They discuss their tumultuous second album and standing out from the crowd.

At a time when British guitar music is in crisis, Savages are one of the few bright hopes of UK alternative rock.

The quartet's all-female line-up affords them the opportunity to play with rock archetypes, something they've gleefully done- naming a track 'Husbands' being but one example.

In the latest issue of Hot Press, we asked Savages if they agreed that there is something inherently subversive about the group.

"It's not something necessarily intentional", muses Savages bassist, Ayse. "I suppose it can come across that way. There wasn't anything contrived about the band- the four of us got together and we had good chemistry, and that was it. I suppose when a band have attention, there are those who want to categorise them or compare them to what's gone before.

"In particular we've got comparisons to some acts from the '80s. Personally, I don't see it, but i can understand where it's coming from. I think we've gone past the moment in time where you can do something completely original, if you know what I mean."

At this point Ayse cracks up laughing: "I've not really explained that very well, have I?!"

We assure her she's done just fine.

In the latest issue of Hot Press, the members of Savages also open up about road-testing their material in New York, their creative process and David Bowie.

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