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See a glimpse of the films critic Roe McDermott passed her verdict on

It’s a strong time for cinema with plenty of diverse movies available to see. There is a drug fuelled odyssey through Dublin, a love story between a race-car driver and bank robber, a biopic on one of the best writers ever and a chilling period horror.

DUBLIN OLDSCHOOL, in cinemas now.

Emmet Kirwan stars in this adaptation from his own play, directed by first-timer Dave Tynan. The actor plays Jason, an aspiring DJ and heavy partier forced to re-examine his lifestyle after a chance encounter with his estranged heroin addict brother.

SICARIO 2: DAY OF THE SOLDADO, in cinemas now.

The sequel to the acclaimed 2015 film sees the US government take radical measures to target Mexican drug cartels who have begun smuggling terrorists over the border. Benicio Del Toro’s Alejandro is hired by Josh Brolin’s shady CIA operative to kidnap the daughter of a drug kingpin. The goal is to start a war among cartels which will wipe them out.

MARY SHELLEY, out July 6

Based on the true story of Frankenstein author, Elle Fanning (The Neon Demon) stars as Shelly. The movie mostly focuses on her relationship with Romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley (Douglas Booth).


Part thriller, part melodrama: Belgium film Racer and the Jailbird sees thief Gino fall for race car driver Bibi, a love which may be the two’s downfall.


Orphans living in the US in 1969 must protect themselves from evil, both human and supernatural. As well as reviewing the film, Roe speaks to lead actor George MacKay in the new Hot Press edition.

To see what Roe McDermott thought of the films, pick up a copy of Hot Press’s current Longitude Special.


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