Nothing But Thieves Deny Disturbing Claims

Nothing But Thieves have released a statement to deny numerous allegations of sexual assault made against several different band members.

A few different members of the Southend-on-Sea five-piece have been accused by former fans of a number of different offences; some of which sounds very disturbing, such as violent sexual conduct.

According to Twitter users, at least four members had been "sleeping with, sexting and soliciting nudes from underage fans".

One anonymous source spoke of her experience with a member named Dom. Following a concert, he "grabbed [her] by the throat & pinned [her] against the wall in front of everyone & shoved his tongue down [her] throat".

After being told to stop, he later returned and "dragged [her] around the corner" before doing it again.

Another unnamed victim said that one of the members pulled up her skirt while she was working to "check for her pass", making her "super uncomfortable".

Amongst the other accounts of abuses, one twitter user says that the drummer sent her videos of him masturbating when she was underage.

The band released a statement last night to deny all the allegations. “We want to start by saying we completely support victims of assault and respect their bravery in coming forward with their stories,” they say in their statement.

"The past week has been one of the most difficult of our careers. Being falsely accused of sexual assault in a public forum, having these false allegations made about you and people immediately believing them hurts.

“It hurts us as individuals, as a band, hurts our mums and dads, our girlfriends and friends, our business colleagues, our fans, and most of all, it hurts victims of abuse who are telling a true story.”

The English alternative rock band were actually supposed to play the NME Awards 2018 Nominations Party tonight (November 16), but were pulled from the gig yesterday due to allegations made over social media.

Nothing But Thieves had been gaining momentum and critical acclaim in preceding months, with The Guardian just last week describing them as "a vulcanised fusion of Muse and Radiohead".


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