Neil Lennon talks the All Ireland in the new issue of Hot Press

"My heart says Mayo, my head says Dublin!" says the staunch Armagh man...

“I know Kevin Kilbane will be rooting for Mayo, but it’s difficult to see past Dublin who seem to be the dominant force in Gaelic at the minute," the Hibernian manager, TV3 Champions League pundit and Oasis superfan tells us. "They really are ruthless. I thought Tyrone would have given them a really strong game in the semi-final, but they got the same sort of spanking they gave my lot, Armagh. Armagh are a transitional team. What I saw against Kildare really pleased me. There was an improvement there, but then we got hammered by Tyrone, which brought home how far down the Ulster pecking order we are. Mayo have been awesome and really need to win it this year because you don’t get too many chances at an All-Ireland. It’s all cyclical with counties. Armagh had it just after the start of the millennium for five or six years, and more recently Donegal had their period of dominance under Jim McGuinness. So, my heart says Mayo, my head says Dublin.”


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