Martin Scorsese To Receive John Ford Award in Dublin

IFTA will host renowned filmmaker Martin Scorsese for a Masterclass in Film, as well as the John Ford Award presentation, in Dublin next weekend

Martin Scorsese, the legendary filmmaker, is coming to Dublin next weekend to hold the IFTA Masterclass with members of The Irish Film & Television Academy (IFTA) – and also to receive the prestigious John Ford Award, from Ireland and the Irish Academy, in tribute to the inspirational and world-renowned Irish-American Filmmaker John Ford. Ford has been a major influence on Scorsese’s work. The Award ceremony presentation will take place on Saturday 25th February in Dublin.

Speaking about receiving the Academy’s John Ford Award,

“To me and to so many directors, John Ford is a towering figure and continues to be a profound inspiration,” Martin Scorsese said. "His films deftly convey his unique and acute sense of humanity; his deep understanding of people. When I first started watching his films, Ford’s force behind the camera was palpable. He was a visionary in the truest form and his films are enriched with artistic energy. I see his films often, studying them and each time I learn something new.

“To be honoured by the Irish Film & Television Academy, to receive an award created in celebration of John Ford’s artistry and prestige, has great personal significance for me.”

IFTA Chief Executive Áine Moriarty added: “It is a great honour for the Irish Academy to present this John Ford Award to Martin Scorsese, truly one of the world’s greatest filmmakers. We thank Martin for his support for the Academy and our work, and for taking the time to share his great knowledge and expertise with our Irish filmmakers here in Dublin – we look forward to a brilliant, inspiring and passionate Masterclass and Discussion, with Scorsese at the helm.”

IFTA will announce further details of the Award presentation ceremony and special guests next week.

The Irish Film and Television Academy is also working with the University Philosophical Society of Trinity College, where Mr Scorsese will speak with the Phil Society Members, and will be presented with the Gold Medal of Honorary Patronage of the Society.


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