M.I.A is the new inspiration of Danish designer Astrid Anderson.

Following a recent collaboration, a new collection produced by the two renowned artists is now available.

M.I.A, the London-born singer and music producer who recently released two new tracks, ‘Goals’ and ‘Finally’, has collaborated with one of fashion's most forward-thinking designers, Astrid Anderson. The Danish designer, who normally focuses on sports luxury and menswear, has changed the direction of her work. "I’ve been a fan of M.I.A. for a long time" she told Vogue on the eve of her Spring 2018 show at the Copenhagen Fashion Week. M.I.A. has long been considered avant-garde in terms of her artistry and image, so it’s no surprise that she was already a big fan of Astrid’s work. "I chose to work with Astrid because she is an independent who combines function, sport, simplicity, and futurism,” M.I.A. told Vogue. “It all very much suits my personal style because it’s utilitarian—you can wear it to a club because everything is light."

#MIA #AIMTOUR Jen 📸 by @jaimemartinezzz

Ein Beitrag geteilt von MIA (@miamatangi) am

The pieces in the collection are a mix of colours and artwork from M.I.A’s AIM album and Anderson's Spring Line 2017. Orange and black anoraks, track pants, and tees range in price from $70 to $160 and are available on M.I.A.’s e-commerce site. The all-black anorak is made from 100% recycled plastic.


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