Hot Press Track(s) of the Day: One song from each of tonight's Choice Prize-nominated albums

Come On Live Long - In The Still

The title track from alt/electro-folk band Come On Live Long's sophomore album In The Still, which was released back in May. A song which twitches, twists, beautifully unnerves, and spins off in surprising directions, it also some brilliant dancing and shots of Dublin.

Marlene Enright - Alchemy

Enright brings a dreamy, post-modern pop sheen to 'Alchemy', taken from her solo debut album Placemats & Paper Cuts. With its hazy blend of alt-folk, dream pop and bluesy undercurrents, "alchemy" is a useful enough word to describe what Marlene Enright is doing throughout her first album.

Fangclub - Better To Forget

With their self-titled debut recorded long before they'd ever signed a deal with a major label (although that is in the bag now), Fangclub have emerged as no-nonsense purveyors of earnest, energetic garage rock.

Lankum - Between The Earth & Sky

Encompassing everything from rousing folk ballads to bitter, eye-opening state of the nation addresses, the first album from TBFKA Lynched reaches deep into the depths of trad and folk to say something about the sorry state of the country. It delivers nothing short of a gut punch.

James Vincent McMorrow - True Care

Just 10 short months after the release of his last album, We Move, James Vincent McMorrow brought out a fourth LP that was packed with surprises. Ultra-sheened production was put to one side in exchange for songs which felt real, raw, and gave full weight to his gorgeous vocals.

New Jackson - From Night To Night

David Kitt's alter-ego has been on fine form in recent years, making many of us forget that this is the same person who began with music soaked in folk. The old Kitt is very much there in From Night To Night, but with uplifting electro-house cuts.

Otherkin - Come On, Hello

Convincingly keeping the old guitar punk-rock flame alive, Otherkin turned heads when they opened for Guns'N'Roses at Slane Castle last April, and they've seen themselves on a fairly relentless touring schedule ever since. OK seems like a modest title for their debut album - "fucking fantastic" might've been better.

Fionn Regan - The Meeting of the Waters

After a period of inactivity (at least music-wise anyway), Fionn Regan returned with an album which was rich with folky and electronic textures and took listeners into haunting, primordial places. Cillian Murphy also stars in this music video.

Ships - All Will Be

Beautiful, powerful, 1980s-sized synthy hooks, packed into an album (Precession) which came to be after Ships' fans crowdfunded it. Thank God they did, because this is a brilliantly crafted piece of work.

Talos - This Is Us Colliding

The man with the golden voice, Eoin French (Talos)'s album is swirling with sparse electronics, percussion, haunting vocals, and lyrics plucked from the ether. It's a breathtaking experience.


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