Former Irish IT Boy In Talks To Turn Novel Into TV Series

Gavin Lambe-Murphy is in discussions with a UK production company to have his newly published novel about the Dublin social scene adapted for the small screen, Hot Press can exclusively reveal.

"I have been speaking with a production company in the UK who believe that it could make a good TV show," an excited Gavin tells Hot Press.

"It's all early days, as the book is only a few weeks old, but clearly I'm excited about being approached. Hopefully something good will come of it, we'll see."

The hilarious novel is aptly entitled'The Diary Of An IT Boy'. And it's about a character that's not a million miles away from Gavin in his heyday: a globetrotter party boy who writes a social column and is into fashion, sex and drugs.

Has anybody complained about a character being too close to the bone?

"No, not at all, as the characters in the book are based on a mixture of so many people I've met over time," Gavin says, laughing.

"Sadly nobody is so interesting that I could base a character on them alone, so I built each character around the different qualities, good and bad, that I've seen in various people.

"Also, there's nothing too scary about the story - it's not a 'tell all' style book, but rather a novel that looks at the lives of a certain set of international party people, who clearly live a privileged, if not fucked up existence, especially the main character Oli."

He adds: "If I was approached by someone claiming to recognise themselves I'd have to wonder what is going on in their heads, that they see themselves in any of the OTT characters I've conjured.

"It's rather like those strangers that used to come up to me in restaurants years ago and beg me never to mention them in my column. I would genuinely ask, 'Why would I mention you?' They didn't like that for some reason... It's just a book, nothing to get hung up about."

Gavin walked away from being Ireland's self-described IT Boy after he became addicted to cocaine and decided to become clean and sober.

"All in all, the book is something I am proud of – mainly because it is one of the only things I've started and completed," he states.

"It's a fictional story of a socialite who, clearly has many similarities with me, but who is in fact made of many different people I have met over time. It's set here in Dublin, London, Milan and beyond... a story of fame, addiction, and life, which I feel is funny in parts and tragic in others.

"The story of a self-obsessed socialite who manages to just about get away with things despite being completely wasted most of the time. It's full on glamour, style and excess - fashion heavy and very jet-set.

"It isn’t meant to be a life changer and I doubt it will win any awards, but I enjoyed writing it, I found it somewhat therapeutic and hope people enjoy it and take it for what it is."

He decided to go with an e-book only version because, Gavin admits, it wasn't any easy task to find the book a home either.

"Originally, I was signed to a literary agent in New York, but that route wasn’t for me. I went in search of another agent here in Dublin but was told that the style of book wouldn’t be of interest as we are in deep recession and a book about a socialite wouldn’t go down well," he explains.

"I was genuinely confused – didn’t we lap up TV shows like Dallas in the 80s recession? Don’t we all need a bit of frivolous escapism?

"Anyhow I decided to write it and then go the Amazon route – something I was really unfamiliar with but now very glad I did. So there you have it."

If you like the sound of it, it is available now at Amazon.


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