Watch: Powerful spoken word piece about the isolation of unplanned pregnancies

The video highlights the need for compassion in this everyday situation

Dublin musician Feibhar has released a spoken-word video which explores the confinement experienced by women who become pregnant unexpectedly.

The piece, titled 'Porcelain Throne', was produced by Take2 Productions while it was directed by Feibhar herself and Lyndsey Lawlor.

The video was released in the build-up to Friday’s referendum as it focuses on women taking pregnancy tests and the fear an unplanned pregnancy brings.

While the words are more powerful than the video itself, it is a reminder of just how simple it is for someones life to change drastically. The visuals lack the emotion needed and are composed of some very basic shots but the sombre, atmospheric music in the background compensates for this.

It’s a spoken-word piece and she tells a story experienced by many Irish women every day.

“The timer goes off. The world goes blank and I pick up the stick. This is it. Am I pregnant? Becoming a parent? Flying to England? I’ll take this trip if I have to because it’s my body and I’m demanding my say.”

Watch the video in its entirety here:


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