Hot Press Track of the Day: Everything by Electricity 'Place To Call My Own'

From post-Soviet Siberia to the heart of London, Everything By Electricity's whirlwind story is matched only by their powerful brand of synth-rock.

Fronted and written by Yulia, who grew up in post-Soviet Siberia in the '90s, 'Place To Call My Own' mirrors dark memories of exile and alienation. Yulia tells us how she was “blacklisted” and found herself sequestered with behavioural problems, amongst peers who were involved in crime and hard drugs. The track explores “escape” and finding solace in London to freely express herself.

“I was growing up in Siberia in the post-Soviet era during the 90s. I was 9 when I started my first band with school mates – this was a huge problem back then. Being in a band was considered to be a waste of time and in some cases as bad as taking drugs, especially for a girl, I didn’t fit in at all. My school had a “black list” for troubled kids with serious behavioural problems (those who were taking drugs or involved in any crime) and my parents received a phone call one day from a school principal advising them that I was included in that list just because I played an electric guitar in a band and wore a Kurt Cobain hoodie.”

This densely-layered 7-and-a-half-minute piece unashamedly follows in the dreamy, synth-pop footsteps of acts like M83. It'd be a worth keeping an eye on them.

Listen to ‘Place To Call My Own Here’:


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