Radiohead's Ed O'Brien announces details on debut solo album

Radiohead Guitarist Ed O’Brien confirms he is recording his debut solo album, set for release in Summer 2018.

Speaking with Esquire magazine in a recent interview, the legendary rocker said

“I’ve started working on my own solo project. I go back into the studio next week. We’ve only done three or four weeks and I’m very excited about it.”

O’Brien is working with producers Catherine Marks and Flood - who, fun fact, met at a Nick Cave concert in Dublin in 2001 and have worked together on a few PJ Harvey records among many others.

So far, confirmed musicians on the record are Omar Hakim,Nathan East and Dave Okumu, all considered masters of their respective instruments in the industry.

Brazilian rhythm and groove were a big inspiration on the new project, O’Brien adds

“It started when we were living in Brazil. It’s not overly Brazilian but there are definite themes. Without getting into it too much, going to Carnival in Rio was very inspiring.”

As fair as a release date is concerned, O’Brien has gestured at a Summer 2018 launch.

“Because the Radiohead touring has been going on longer than I expected, I wasn't able to start the record October this year. So the idea is to have it finished by this summer to have it all mixed and mastered. Then we have to find a label for it. So we’re looking at the back end of next year or early 2019.”


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