The Winters' Lorraine McColgan is back with new project 'Dark Honey'

Lorraine McColgan is the voice behind new project Dark Honey. Having previously released music with Ed McGinley under The Winters' moniker, she, along with her band, now bring us an album of her own works.

Lorraine herself is an accomplished poet and playwright having had her play ‘Fury’ performed in The New Theatre in Dublin as well as having work published in The Stinging Fly. Therefore, it’s no fluke that the songs are built around poignant lyrics that in themselves could be read as a poem. And sturdily built they are. A vast array of deftly played instruments provide the perfect staging for Lorraine's soulful vocals.

On the self-titled album, released in Dublin’s The Bello Bar on October 5th, the band showcase their flexibility with inspirations ranging from Leonard Cohen to as far as Paul Simon with some hints of Motown and RnB peeking through.

McColgan herself said of the record ‘I feel the album travels the human heart, trying to map it out and understand it, its darkness and its light. There is a balance of dark and light, both in the sound and the stories’. This theme is instantly recognisable in the lead track ‘Father's Daughter’ - a soulful and nostalgic track who’s upbeat melody seems incongruous to the emotive subject matter of a broken family.

The album is available in selected record stores now and also at where more dates in Cork, Kilkenny and Meath are to be announced.

Listen to 'Father's Daughter' below:


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