THE 12 INTERVIEWS OF XMAS: Laura Whitmore on life in the spotlight

It was a no-holds barred type of affair when Laura Whitmore met Jason O'Toole back in September, sharing everthing from her experiences working in the media, to her views on sex, religion and Repealing the 8th.

Currently pursuing her love of acting in the UK – where she garnered rave reviews for her role in the play Not Dead Enough – Laura Whitmore’s hugely successful media career has seen her conquer MTV and compete on Strictly Come Dancing. In her most revealing interview to date, she opens up about life in the media spotlight, the pressures of high-profile relationships, interviewing superstars and professional ambitions. Plus her in-depth views on sex, religion and Repealing the Eighth. Interview: Jason O'Toole

When we catch up with Laura Whitmore during her recent run in UK play Not Dead Enough, it’s apparent that the Bray native is finally in her element. Hot Press sits down with Whitmore in a room a Cardiff’s New Theatre, during her appearance in the stage adaptation of Peter James’ crime novel Not Dead Enough.

Whitmore is mesmerised with theatre. “I’ve always wanted to do it,” she says. “Theatre is my escapism – my dad used to bring me as a kid. And then moving to London, I just go to theatre by myself all the time. I love it.”

Laura is deadly serious about the craft of acting, studying at RADA and turning down lucrative TV work to do Not Dead Enough, which is currently on a six-month tour.

“I’ve always wanted to study Shakespeare,” she says. “I’m lucky enough to be able to do that now, because I probably couldn’t have afforded to take the time out growing up.”

The MTV presenter will still do bread and butter work. “I still love hosting,” she enthuses. “I love interviewing. I just think you need to open yourself to lots of things and see what works. Challenge yourself.”

Which is why she’s sitting down with yours truly for this in-depth Hot Press interview. She’s a seasoned pro who’s well used to grilling the likes of Katy Perry and Chris Martin. But she is normally reticent. “I feel really uncomfortable when people are asking me questions,” says Whitmore. “There’s things written about me that just aren’t true. I’ve never even said them.”

On occasion, Whitmore has refused point blank even to say if she was dating someone. But the down-to-earth character we meet is open and fun. Looks like it’s time to set the record straight…

Jason O’Toole: What type of child were you?

Laura Whitmore: I grew up with just my Mum. So, I was a bit of a nerdy loner, to be honest. When I was a kid I used to say, ‘I’m a lonely child!’ My Mum was like, ‘No, it’s only child’.

How old were you when your dad left home?

I’ve read in interviews that they broke up when I was three – but I’ve never said that! My parents weren’t together when I was born. They went out for 12 years. People always say, ‘Do you ever wish your parents would get back together?’ I’ve never seen them together but they’re still really good mates. So I just grew up with my Mum in the same place that she lives now in Bray – but with Dad very much in my life.

Do you have any siblings?

My half-brothers, on my dad’s side, didn’t come along until I was 10 and 13. Adam is 22 and studying accountancy. Johnny is 18 and recently did his Leaving Cert. And if he does well, I’m bringing him over to London for two weeks to stay with me.

What type of teenager were you?

God! This is not cool: I went to Loreto in Bray, an all-girls school. I didn’t know what a boy was until my DCU days (laughs). I loved studying. If I’m asked, ‘Were you ever bullied as a child and stuff?’ I’m like, ‘I was in that group where people wouldn’t even go near us because we were, like, in the debating team, did drama’. I did a lot with the drama club to help me – probably with shyness. We just had our own little group of little nerds that studied at lunch breaks and stuff like that!

Would the other girls have been resentful of the fact that you were pretty?

(Laughs) No! I didn’t feel pretty growing up. We were in those gray uniforms. I was just really skinny and little. There was never a lot of boy attention or anything like that.

Did you read Hot Press growing up?

Yeah. Hot Press was huge for me. My Mum still buys it for me. Even the last time I was home, I went back to Bray for a night and on my desk my Mum had all the new issues of Hot Press. If there’s someone on the cover that I know, she might post it out to me. Other than that she has them on my desk to read when I’m back home, which is always nice.

Why was Hot Press important?

Growing up, my dad used to bring me to gigs. So, when he’d take me on weekends we’d normally go to a concert. It could be anything from going to see Stereophonics to Boyzone! Any type of live music. I loved all that. I’d go to the Harbour Bar in Bray where they had live music – Thursday night was open mic night. And I’d go into Eamonn Doran’s. I think that’s where I met my first boyfriend: he was playing in Eamonn Doran’s. And Hot Press was a really nice music magazine to read. I used to love reading where people came from – the different bands and how they started. The way they’d be playing in local pubs and grow from there. Irish people are so talented musically. People like Hozier, who’s an international superstar now – but he’s from where I’m from, you know? I always just loved that live music buzz.

What type of bands did you like?

I went to Boyzone gigs as a kid. Then my favourite bands were Foo Fighters, Stereophonics, Muse. It kind of changed. As you get older, you go from loving boybands, and then suddenly you’re wearing lots of eyeliner and straightening your hair and you think you’re something else. You go through all these different phases. I remember – was I 15 or 16? – going to Witnness back in the day, and seeing Green Day. I remember going to a festival and going, ‘God! How much fun is it?’ And then almost making a career out of it as an MTV presenter, going to festivals and interviewing people. I just loved being surrounded by music and creative people.

Laura Whitmore

What type of music do you like to put you in the mood for a romantic night?

Sexy music: everything from Bon Iver to Fleetwood Mac to The Prodigy. Depending on what type of sexy!

Do you feel embarrassed talking about sex?

Now, I’m not embarrassed – probably when you were younger, or growing up with just your mother, Jesus Christ! I remember when I first told her I was going on the pill. I was about 18 or 19, when I had my first boyfriend. ‘I want to regulate my periods, mother’. She was like, ‘Hmmm!’ That’s as far as our sex conversation went!

So you weren’t interested in chasing boys as a teenager?

No. They weren’t interested in chasing me either! I was happy enough in my own little bubble. It was an all-girls school. So the first time I ever had boys in the classroom was in DCU. And I was quite well-behaved. I didn’t go out to under-age parties and stuff like that. It’s not really interesting. It’s not really the background of an MTV presenter.

How old were you when you first got drunk?

Again I’m just not cool! The only time I remember getting really drunk, which is a terrible story: I was in DCU and I remember going to a grad – was it first year or second year? – and, at the time, I was doing modelling on the side, and I remember not eating anything all day. Terrible thing to do. We had the grad ball that night and I decided to drink a bottle of rosé wine – in the back of the bus on the way. And then 9pm hit and I had to be brought home (laughs) and put to bed! Still to this day, I can’t drink rosé wine (laughs). I learnt always to have a full stomach before you drink. But before then, I never really went out drinking – boring. Don’t worry: I’ve made up for it in the meantime!

Did you ever try marijuana?

I’ve never smoked weed. I’ve never touched a drug. I’m probably the only one in this industry who hasn’t! It’s just not for me. To be honest with you, I don’t need it. I suppose people see me as a party girl. But I just have a lot of energy and can stay awake (laughs)!

The standard of sex education in Ireland was pitiful?

I got sex education from a nun! ‘Don’t do it!’ (Laughs) That was it!

Did you ever question your sexuality – or did you always know you were straight?

I’ve always known. I think other people probably questioned it (laughs) – because I didn’t have a boyfriend! When I was 16, my cousin asked me. I was like, ‘Just because I don’t have a boyfriend?’ Actually, two of my good female friends are married to women now, which is lovely. But I always liked boys. I was just scared of them.

How old were you when you lost your virginity?

I was 19.

How was it?

Do you know what? It was actually fine. Because in your head you think it’s like the movies. It was my first boyfriend and we were together for about two years after that. He was my first love. God, how things have changed! But, you know, it was as good as it could’ve been (laughs). It was in a shitty little bed in my student accommodation in DCU – classy!

Had you it all planned out?

No! Not at all. I think we attempted to do it the week before and it didn’t go so well!

Why not?

Just all very awkward – and uhh! It was on the cards. But it’s never like the movies.

How important is sex to you?

Oh God! It’s great! It’s very important.

When you’re not in a relationship do you get sexually frustrated?

Yeah. There’s always that thing: relationships are the best because I’m probably more of a relationship person. I’ve never had a one night stand. I’m not good at that. It’s better when you like them (laughs). And it means something. Also, the longer you go out with someone, the more you know what you’re doing and what works. That’s why it’s so much better to be in a relationship.

So, you’ve never done the so called walk of shame?

Oh, I’ve probably done a few walks of shame – from the same house a few times!

Are you broody, now that you’ve just entered your thirties?

I just turned 32. Yeah, definitely. It’s weird: when you live in London it’s a bit like Neverland. So, none of my friends in London have kids yet. But a lot of my friends back at home have started popping them out (laughs). If I look at one more Facebook status – delighted for you! And I am. I mean, I’m probably just not yet ready for it, but I definitely feel myself going that way. In the last year or two I’ve felt a shift. And even just as a person going out – I’d much rather have a dinner party and share a bottle of wine, rather than have shots at the bar. I mean, I’ll still have some shots at the bar, but my nights have changed a bit.

Would you like to get married?

Yeah. For me, marriage is lovely, but happiness is so much better. I grew up where my parents weren’t together and, at the time when I was younger – that was a time when everyone’s parents were together. Now no one’s parents are together. But I felt a little bit… I remember a girl in my class saying that my Dad wasn’t my Dad because I have a different surname – my Mum’s surname. I was just like, ‘Ugh! Mum do you know my Dad isn’t my Dad?’ But now I realise it’s so much better just to grow up in a happy environment – whatever that is.

Laura Whitmore

Have you ever been engaged?

No! No one has asked me to marry them (laughs)! I’ve had a few drunken ones, but not real ones.

You’re being very candid about sex. I’ve read other interviews where you wouldn’t even confirm if you had a boyfriend.

I just don’t really talk about it. I’m not sitting at home doing nothing – I can tell you that!

So, I was surprised to see you talking about your new boyfriend Iain Stirling (voice-over presenter of ITV’s Love Island) in the UK tabloids.

The Mirror and The Sun have written that I did an interview about Iain, which I didn’t. It was a private conversation with a friend and they fabricated their own quotes and made it look like an interview. Which always makes me feel a bit violated. We shouldn’t be defined by who we date, etc. I still try my best to keep that side of my life as personal as possible. But I am in a relationship and very happy, if a bit protective.

The tabloids think there’s great copy in it, if you’re dating a celeb…

I know! The worst thing is: people forget you’re just a person. You’re trying to get on with life. I remember dating a guy – and we went out for quite a while – but someone got a picture on their phone of us when we were on our first date in a bar. Thank God I’d told my mother that I was meeting a guy that I liked. But it’s just embarrassing. Life is tough enough without everyone else scrutinising it. And people forget that it’s real life for you – and when you go through a break-up that it’s hurtful and it’s hard. And when you’re starting going out you’re like, ‘Oh God! What do they think of me?’ And the last thing they want is their face plastered somewhere, you know?

I suppose the most written about break-up was with Danny from The Coronas.

Danny’s a great guy and we’re still friends. But we broke up – God – years ago. And it’s hard when you’re both in new relationships and then the tabloids drag you back in. I think the good thing with anyone I’ve ever gone out with is – they get it; they understand.

The funniest story was linking you to Niall Horan when he crashed at your pad one night.

Literally, any man I’ve ever stood beside, Jason – any man (will be a story)! I got something else recently as well (with someone) who was like one of my mates! Literally any guy. And sometimes there’ll be other guys and girls (in the photo) – and they’ll just cut everyone else out.

We’ll have to get a photograph together to increase my profile!

(Laughs) We’ll be dating! Or we’ll be married! Your missus will be very angry with me!

The tabloids linked you romantically with your professional dance partner, Giovanni Pernice, on Strictly Come Dancing.

Oh! It was so obvious. Before I’d even met him they were doing that! I made some very good friends on that show. Rob Rinder said something which struck a nerve. He said, ‘People like you and Daisy Lowe being two younger girls in the competition immediately, if you’re a single woman’ – no one knows if I was single or not, I just never talked about it – ‘(people presume) you must be sleeping with your partner! You must be’.

How did it make you feel being linked to Giovanni Pernice?

It’s a little bit demeaning. How we got treated was very different to how the guys got treated. I just found it a little bit degrading as a woman as well.

Have you gone out with somebody not famous and they’ve said, ‘Listen, I can’t really handle this because you’re in the limelight?’

Yeah, I’ve had it. I was going out with someone and we did break up amicably. But it was that week when you’re like, ‘Oh! He lives in a different country: is this going to work? And I don’t know if it is going to work’. And then they (the tabloids) linked me to some very high profile person and it wasn’t true at all – and that’s not nice for him. He knew it wasn’t true but all his friends had to see that on the front of the papers. We weren’t meant to be together. But it still was tough because you’d just broken up with someone and then you have to deal with all that shit as well. I haven’t really gone out with many people: I’ve had four boyfriends in my entire life and they have all, bar the first one, been in the industry somehow. So, I think they get it, I hope.

Laura Whitmore

When you say four boyfriends, does that indicate how many people you’ve slept with?

No! Define a boyfriend? You can have a four or five month relationship with someone and it may not be a boyfriend.

That would be a boyfriend, wouldn’t it?

You have to have the sit down conversation!

What sit down conversation?

‘Will you be my girlfriend?’

They have to ask?

Yeah! Or I have to ask. There’s been people I’ve gone out with for a while, but we haven’t had the conversation. We’ve been steady steady.

But isn’t it a relationship if you’re four or five months with someone and they’re sleeping over or whatever…

Yeah. And you’re not sleeping with anybody else? I’ve done that. God! Then I’ve had more than four boyfriends. No, I’ve had four boyfriends. But there’s been other relationships. You know what? I find it really interesting from a man’s point of view: would you think you’re going out with a girl, even though you haven’t asked them to be your girlfriend?

Well, if you’re texting each other every day, and it’s a given that you’re going to be meeting at weekends…

Okay. I’m always afraid to presume.

If a guy is texting you every day and you’re seeing on him on weekends…


And if you’re a couple of months together…


How long would you wait before you’d sleep with someone?

(Laughs) That’s very nosy! I don’t know! It depends on the person. It’s all relative though, isn’t it? When it’s the first boyfriend you’d be waiting for…. You know, ‘You have to wait this long!’ And then that can go out the window!

As an actor, how do you feel about doing love scenes?

You’re in the moment. You forget that it even happens. I’ve a lot of friends who are actors and I studied drama, so it’s not even something I have to worry about. Once everything’s done appropriately and it makes sense for the scene.

Do you not eat certain foods like garlic when you’ve got to snog someone that night on stage?

Are you joking? Shane Richie was the worst! He would like belch in my mouth! He’d be eating all sorts. He’d be eating a packet of crisps before he goes on stage. I’d be like, ‘Oh, God!’ I had to snog this fella every night!

Would you have any problem doing nude scenes?

Everything is relative. There’s some great films out there and actresses who have done scenes like that – so it depends on what it is. I’d read the script and see if it’s something I want to audition for or not.

Would you consider posing naked for Playboy?

I’m not really a Playboy kind of a person. I would never do nudity in that way. And that’s my personal choice.

What are your thoughts about the government’s recently introduced version of the Swedish Model, which makes it illegal for men to purchase sex but not for women to sell it?

Why is it okay for one and not the other? I’ve always been very wary of saying, ‘All women are wrong to do something’, because every woman’s body is their own right. For me, I don’t believe in selling your body for sex. You know what? I remember being in DCU: I was on the students’ union and I was voted in as women’s officer but there was no men’s officer! So, by the end of my term I changed the title to Equality Officer. Obviously women have other issues, but I said, ‘Why does nobody look after men’s issues?’ I’m a feminist but then I like men (laughs).

Did any celebs hit on you when you were interviewing them for MTV?

It’s not real when you do interviews. I’ll flirt. Even talking to Katy Perry, you’d be like, ‘Hello! Katy Perry!’ (Laughs) Sometimes you get the girls flirting with you. Actually, the girls are worse than the boys! But it’s probably just for the camera.

What are your views about gender pay equality in the broadcasting industry, in Ireland and the UK?

We all have a right to fight for what we feel we are worth, regardless of age, sex, race, etc. What comes with the job should be taken into account: hours, experience, extra obligations. But if two people are doing the same job with similar experience they should be paid the same. There is still huge sexism in the industry and I’m sure on many occasions my male counterparts may have been paid more than me, but I also feel that I need to fight for what I think I’m worth. I’ve had a situation where I didn’t realise I was paid more than a male colleague. My agent had obviously fought well – we knew what we thought the contract was worth. And I felt he held it against me because I was a younger woman, though doing a bigger role. Would he have been satisfied if he didn’t know what I got? The problem arises, in my opinion, when someone is paid in relation to whether they have a penis or not. That should never be a factor.

Did you always want to be on TV?

I remember like age three, when I was quite shy in school and I lived in my own little world a lot, I’d put on little plays and performances – entertainment or storytelling. That’s what I always loved – it’s not a fame thing really. That’s probably the worst part of what I do. I was about three or four when Mum sent me off to drama lessons. Then I came home and I was like this woman with attitude! And she was like, ‘What have I created?’

So you were pretending to put on your own TV shows?

My two cousins were kind of like sisters. We used to put on little shows. We used to get my uncle’s video player and record little films. I had this karaoke machine and I used to do fake radio shows and fake interviewing people. My cousin would pretend to be someone and I’d interview her. So, yeah, that’s probably where it came from.

But journalism got in the way...

I thought initially I wanted to be like Lois Lane. I wanted to write and find out who the bad guys are. And then went down the route of journalism. But drama was always there as well. Most people when they say they want to do something as a kid it changes as they get older – I never really changed.

And MTV handpicked you from over 3,000 applicants for the gig…

Yeah, that was about nine years ago now. I was just finishing my degree in DCU and I got an internship in Newstalk; I was working on the lunchtime show, doing the researcher’s job of making lots of cups of tea and coffee. And then I entered a competition for MTV. I never thought I’d win it. It never even crossed my mind. But I did.

You interviewed Coldplay on your first day.

I moved to London. I didn’t know anyone in London but I moved, got a house share, a spare room. And the day I moved over, I got a call from my producer Lisa who said, ‘Your first day is going to be in LA for the MTV Movie Awards’. So, they flew me out and my first interview was with Coldplay.

Were you pinching yourself?

I was shitting myself (laughs)! Thankfully, they’re the nicest band in the entire world. This is my philosophy in life: fake it until you make it! Nobody knows what they’re doing. Nobody. I learnt that a long time ago. If you look at the biggest movie star: they’re all kind of blagging life. All of us are, no matter what you’re job is. So, I said, ‘If I go there, they don’t know I don’t know what I’m doing. They have no idea that I haven’t done this before’. So, I rock up there to do the interview and my producer says to Chris Martin, ‘This is Laura’s first day on the job!’ (Whispers) ‘Thanks for that!’ But he was brilliant. I’ve interviewed him loads of times since and he still remembers. He’s lovely. Last year at the Brits, they weren’t doing any interviews and he came off stage and I saw him. I was like, ‘Do you mind doing a little interview?’ He goes, ‘Yeah, I’ll come back in half an hour’. I was like, ‘Jesus! Sure he will!’ But he did. I was very lucky. It was a good first interview.

Is it true that you’ve never interviewed U2?

No! I’m actually mates with Jordan, Bono’s daughter. But I’ve actually never interviewed U2.

But you’ve probably met them loads of times?

Not really. I think I met Bono – I didn’t even meet him: I was going to the toilet at the Q Awards and he passed by me and we both said hi. Because I’m like, ‘He looks familiar!’ (laughs). And he’s like, ‘Some girl’s saying hi to me!’ But, no, it’s mad – like the biggest band ever from Ireland and the girl who’s interviewed all the bands?

What’s your favourite gig ever?

The two best gigs of my life were Prince playing in Coco in Hampton, like, the year before he died. He had all those small gigs. And another was Fleetwood Mac. I think they’re brilliant. They’re timeless. I brought my Dad for his birthday. It’s great when you connect with a parent with music.

Laura Whitmore

You’ve a jewellery collection inspired by music…

I designed the jewellery line myself. It’s got seven of my favourite lyrics. It’s different song lyrics that mean something to me. A lot of musicians have worn them. Danny from The Script. Niall Horan. All my friends (smiles)! Bressie. Some of The Strypes’ boys. And girls as well. Imelda May always wears the necklace – she wore it on Jools Holland. Her one says, ‘Hot Tramp’. I’ve had three collections now, including Hot Tramp and You Are My Sunshine. They were the festival collection. And then the original seven were Imagine, You Make Loving Fun, Fleetwood Mac – probably my favourite band of all time – Real Hero, You’re Lovely...

Like Terry Wogan and Graham Norton you did Eurovision for BBC.

I know! I did the commentary for the semi-finals – that was brilliant. Growing up as an Irish person, Eurovision’s massive. And to be out there and commentating is fun. I’m not used to commentating. You can say whatever you want as you’re watching. And I was doing it with Scott Mills and we had great fun. It’s hilarious that it’s always Irish people commentating for the UK (laughs) – like Terry, Graham and then me.

Ireland doesn’t do too well at Eurovision now.

It’s because everyone votes for their neighbours. But it’s good craic to watch. It’s entertaining. Back in the day it was great though. When I was a kid we used to all take a name out of a hat and write the scores down. And then there was Riverdance!

Strictly Come Dancing is a huge show. Have you always liked to dance?

I love dancing, but I was never trained as a dancer. I grew up watching it. I loved that show. Also, it’s my Mum’s favourite show. She was like, ‘God! Do you think they’ll ask you to?’ The thing is the dancing was the easiest part of that show. Anything I didn’t like about the media side was heightened hugely during that. I found it a little bit claustrophobic. The show itself is brilliant. And I’ve made some huge friends for life. We still have a WhatsApp group with all the contestants.

I’d imagine the dancing is harder than it looks.

The audience thinks, ‘Oh it’s a nice glitzy show and it’s fun’. And you don’t realise we do put an awful lot of work into it. I didn’t realise how full-on it’d be mentally and physically. I injured myself really badly and I’ve never really had an injury before and was completely strapped up. And you think, ‘Oh, my God! I can’t walk this week. Like, shit!’ But it was a new challenge and I loved that.

You didn’t bother going for I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! again. Is acting the big dream for you?

Yeah. When I moved to DCU and I lived on campus, I really didn’t know anyone. And I only really found my feet when I entered the drama club. And then I got cast in a play. And then I suddenly found my people. And loved it. It’s something I always wanted to do. I love theatre.

You’ve still got the Olympic Torch from when the Games were held in London.

Yeah, you get to keep the torch. It’s probably the most pictured thing in my house: any time anyone walks in it’s like, ‘Can I take a selfie with your Olympic torch?’ But you know what? That day I had to get there at 3am and then I was going to a festival to interview Nicki Minaj later on. I didn’t think of it as being a big deal. And then afterwards I was just like, ‘God! I probably should’ve invited people down. It’s a big thing’.

What are your views on the 8th Amendment?

As the only Irish girl surrounded by these other girls that I’m working with at the moment, I had a chat to them about it and they didn’t even realise the abortion issue in Ireland. They had no idea that so many people were coming over to the UK for abortions. They were like, ‘How’s that still a thing in 2017?’ I think everything is a choice. It’s our body and our choice.

So, you’re pro-choice?

I can see that you don’t want to abuse the situation and use it as a contraceptive. But I’ve had friends who’ve been raped. It’s everyone’s choice. I do feel a bit uncomfortable sometimes when I give my opinion on it – that’s just for me and that’s my body; if anyone else has a different opinion they’re entitled to that. I just think in this day and age girls are still getting it done, they just have to travel – and it’s not safe. We’re not in the dark ages anymore. It’s very easy to say, ‘I don’t agree with abortion. Its killing an unborn child’. I can see things from that side – but until you’re in that situation and you know what that person’s going through, and the stability of the mother and the stability of the baby, you can’t judge. Nothing is black and white – ever.

Are you religious?

I would describe myself as spiritual. I grew up in Ireland: I’m Catholic. I go to mass at Christmas – once a year with the mother. I go for like the community feel. I meditate, I believe in prayer. I don’t know really what I am: I’m still working out what I believe in. I’m probably more a karma person. And if something bad does happen and you think it’s bad, somewhere down the line it will make sense. It might take a while but it will make sense.

Do you believe in an afterlife or reincarnation?

I’d like to think that something happens after this. And maybe reincarnation is something that’s more likely. My Mum is very spiritual. She believes in that. I’m still learning. I’m very much into Chakras. I actually use the Chakras with the jewellery as well, like your seven Chakras. I love yoga. I do a lot of different yoga. I’m figuring out what I am. I consider myself Christian, but then there’s a lot of shit I don’t really agree with. It’s the karma thing that it goes back to: be kind and treat others as you want to be treated – and work hard. Work hard and be kind.

For further information about Laura Whitmore, check out her website


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Having crashed and burned under Lucinda Creighton at the last election, Renua chose John Leahy as their new party leader. Some might see his decision to deny party members the freedom to vote to Repeal the 8th as a cynical attempt to woo the backwater vote. But, as this interview reveals, he is deeply conservative in his views, and believes that Repeal the Eighth will be defeated by rural Ireland’s silent majority. He also suggests that Leo Varadkar should have been in Renua, and discusses his admiration for Donald Trump. Is this the voice of the hidden, old-fashioned Ireland re-emerging?

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Exclusive: The Full Hot Press Interview with Samantha Markle

Let’s face it: newspapers all over the world will be dominated this year by coverage of the planned wedding between the man the UK calls Prince Harry and the US actor, Meghan Markle. So what is the one-time Suits star really like? Who better to find out from than her older sister, Samantha Markle? Interview: Jason O’Toole

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THOSE WE LOST 2017: Our Final Interview With Martin McGuinness

In 2011, Jason O’Toole carried out an interview with Martin McGuinness that was never published. Here, we draw on that interview, as well others conducted for Hot Press, to paint a fascinating picture of the late leader of Sinn Féin in Northern Ireland, in all of his complications.

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The Full Hot Press Interview with Sebastian Barry

With a cluster of awards to his name, novelist and playwright Sebastian Barry is one of Ireland’s most successful writers. This year saw him win the Costa Prize for an unprecedented second time with his most recent novel, Days Without End. But there has been considerable turbulence along the way for a man who is completely committed to the precarious world of literary creativity. Depression, gay rights and repealing the eighth are all on the agenda, in a powerful and moving interview. By Jason O’Toole

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We Need To Talk About Kevin: Hot Press meets exclusively with Kevin Spacey's brother

There's few better man to talk about Kevin Spacey than his brother Randy. Here, in an exclusive and often controversial interview, the elder sibling in the Fowler family talks about what it was like growing up, in what has been described as a “house of horrors”.

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THE 12 INTERVIEWS OF XMAS: Michael Healy-Rae on courting controversy

One of the most controversial TDs in the Dáil, Kerry deputy Michael Healy-Rae had plenty to get off his chest during a lively encounter with Hot Press. The forthright politician discusses his views on Donald Trump, his religious beliefs, his disdain for the Dublin media, why he doesn’t regret voting against same sex marriage, and why he’s against both euthanasia and repealing the eighth – but in favour of legalising medical marijuana.

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The Full Hot Press Interview: David Hall takes on the banks and the tracker mortgages scandal

Nationally known as a combative champion of troubled mortgage holders, businessman David Hall also unexpectedly found himself as CEO of suicide charity Console last year, after the organisation was struck by major controversy. In a hugely revealing interview, he claims that banks have been responsible for up to 200 mortgage holders taking their own lives, says that vulture funds may spark protests on a par with water charges, and admits that he would like to be president. Plus his typically fortright thoughts on abortion, sex, and being the target of attempted blackmail during his 2014 by-election campaign.

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The Full Hot Press Interview with Alan Shatter

Alan Shatter’s political career came crashing down, when he was forced to resign as Minister for Justice in 2014. The former Fine Gael TD believes that he was cynically betrayed by the ex-Taoiseach Enda Kenny – and by the party. In a powerful interview to coincide with the publication of his new memoir, there burns an incendiary indignation – and a fierce scepticism about the new Fine Gael. Interview: Jason O’Toole

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In Conversation with Christy Dignam - New Teeth, New Album, New Hope

Christy Dignam of Aslan has been through the wars, dealing with cancer and watching people associated with the band die in tragic circumstances. But he is still smiling – all the better to show off his brand new gnashers... Interview: Jason O’Toole

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The Full Hot Press Interview with Michael Murphy

One of the country’s most recognisable and respected broadcasters – and now an eminent psychoanalyst – Michael Murphy has overcome adversity throughout his remarkable life. In a powerful and revealing interview, he talks about marrying his long-term partner, suffering depression after his prostate cancer diagnosis, the pain of losing his brother, and his experiences of childhood abuse.

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Ex-RTÉ newsreader Michael Murphy Dismisses Roman Catholic Position On Homosexuality as Nonsense

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Pat McCabe: On theatre, the Troubles and the Butcher Boy

Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh once observed that if Roddy Doyle was the Irish literary version of The Beatles, then Pat McCabe had to be the less clean-cut and more rebellious The Rolling Stones.

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Remembering The Memory Man - A unique insight into the life of Jimmy Magee

Having written two books with Jimmy Magee, Hot Press senior editor Jason O’Toole has a unique insight into the life of the late broadcasting legend.

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Life In The Spotlight - The Full Laura Whitmore Interview

Currently pursuing her love of acting in the UK – where she garnered rave reviews for her role in the play Not Dead Enough – Laura Whitmore’s hugely successful media career has seen her conquer MTV and compete on Strictly Come Dancing. In her most revealing interview to date, she opens up about life in the media spotlight, the pressures of high-profile relationships, interviewing superstars and professional ambitions. Plus her in-depth views on sex, religion and Repealing the Eighth. Interview: Jason O'Toole

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EXCLUSIVE: Aslan Working On New CD

Aslan, who are planning to release a limited edition vinyl of their seminal 'Made In Dublin' live album this October, are back in the studio working on new material, Hot Press can exclusively reveal.

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The Full Hot Press Interview with Labour's Alan Kelly

As a member of cabinet during the last government, Labour TD and ex-environment minister Alan Kelly was involved in some hugely controversial policy decisions, not least the imposition of water charges. However, he remains unrepentant on that issue and strongly defends his party’s record in office. In a hugely revealing interview, he also talks about the death threats he received while a minister, highlights Labour’s role in the marriage equality referendum, gives his views on the Jobstown controversy, and discusses his love of Irish rock bands

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The Hot Press Interview with Irish Minister for Social Protection Regina Doherty

In an exclusive interview, the new Minister for Social Protection talks openly about how much her views have changed, explaining that she supports Repealing the 8th and euthanasia – and also discusses the numerous controversies in which she has been embroiled.

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The Hot Press Interview with Liadh Ní Riada MEP

The daughter of legendary Irish musician Sean O Riada, Sinn Féin MEP Liadh Ní Riada has carved out a niche for herself as a no-nonsense champion of the working class. In a highly revealing interview, she discusses the pain of losing both her parents at an early age, coping with the tragic death of her first husband, her views on terrorism, sexism in politics – and much else besides.

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The Hot Press Interview with Jack O'Connor, the General President of SIPTU

As General President of SIPTU – and now also as Chairperson of the Labour Party – Jack O’Connor has for many years been one of the most influential people in Irish left wing politics. In a revealing interview, he defends Labour’s record in government, reflects on his run-in with Vincent Browne, addresses the controversy around his salary, explains why he thinks Brexit was a mistake – and says that the Irish left needs to overcome its divisions to achieve real social change.

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Liam Gallagher Opens Up About Needing Help To Pen "Big Songs" For Solo Album

Most of the red tops will probably focus on the fact that the ex-Oasis singer (once again) pokes fun at his older brother in his latest interview. But the usual boastful Liam Gallagher has humbly admitted that he needed to recruit Adele's producer to help with his solo album because he can't pen "big songs" on his tod.

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Independent's Day: The Full Hot Press Interview with Michael Healy-Rae

One of the most controversial TDs in the Dáil, Kerry deputy Michael Healy-Rae had plenty to get off his chest during a lively encounter with Hot Press. The forthright politician discusses his views on Donald Trump, his religious beliefs, his disdain for the Dublin media, why he doesn’t regret voting against same sex marriage, and why he’s against both euthanasia and repealing the eighth – but in favour of legalising medical marijuana.

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In The New Hot Press: Michael Healy-Rae Has Plenty To Get Off His Chest...

One of the most controversial TDs in the Dáil, Michael Healy-Rae has plenty to get off his chest during a lively encounter with Hot Press.

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The Full Hot Press Interview with Former Gate Theatre Director Michael Colgan

As artistic director of the Gate for 33 years, Michael Colgan was one of the most powerful and influential people in the world of Irish theatre. Having departed the post recently, he reflects on his extraordinary career, his youthful rivalry with Paul McGuinness, the pain he experienced over his ex-wife’s death, getting to know Samuel Beckett, and relaunching Harold Pinter.

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Book Review: Paula Hawkins, Into the Water

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The Hot Press Interview with Spanish/Irish Writer Ian Gibson

Though unknown in his homeland, Irish writer Ian Gibson is celebrated in his adopted Spain, particularly for his books about the poet Lorca – widely known for being Leonard Cohen’s chief literary inspiration – and Salvador Dali. In a fascinating interview, Gibson discusses falling foul of the Franco regime, Dali’s wild hedonistic excesses, his role in getting corporal punishment banned in the UK, his interest in sadomasochism, Irish attitudes to sex – and why he both loves and despairs of Spain.

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Rowing His Own Way: The Full Hot Press Interview With Gavan Hennigan

Having rowed solo across the Atlantic in under 50 days, Gavan Hennigan is one of Ireland’s most remarkable athletes. But that’s just the start of his extraordinary life story – which encompasses a strained relationship with his troubled father, addiction and recovery, working at one of the world’s most dangerous jobs, traversing the globe in numerous adventure challenges, and coming to terms with his sexuality.

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Up Close and Personal - Our Final Interview With Martin McGuinness

In 2011, Jason O’Toole carried out an interview with Martin McGuinness that was never published. Here, we draw on that interview, as well others conducted for Hot Press, to paint a fascinating picture of the late leader of Sinn Féin in Northern Ireland, in all of his complications.

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From Addict to Adventurer: Gavan Hennigan talks drug-dealing, sexuality and rowing the Atlantic in exclusive Hot Press interview

Featured in the new issue of Hot Press, Gavan gives a revelatory new interview with Senior Editor Jason O'Toole.

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Bloody Sunday, reconciliation, the IRA & heaven/hell were all up for discussion when Hot Press met Martin McGuinness in 2007

Our man Jason O'Toole had to hum 'Whiter Shade Of Pale' before he was let into the Deputy First Minister's office!

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Bloody Sunday, reconciliation, the IRA & heaven/hell were all up for discussion when Hot Press met Martin McGuinness in 2007

Our man Jason O'Toole had to hum 'Whiter Shade Of Pale' before he was let into the Deputy First Minister's office!

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Bloody Sunday, reconciliation, the IRA & heaven/hell were all up for discussion when Hot Press met Martin McGuinness in 2007

Our man Jason O'Toole had to hum 'Whiter Shade Of Pale' before he was let into the Deputy First Minister's office!

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Legendary Director John Boorman talks morality, living in Ireland, and 50 years in film

Based in Wicklow for nearly 50 years, legendary film director John Boorman is celebrated for classics like Point Blank and Deliverance. In a fascinating interview, he reflects on the making of those movies, his experiences in Hollywood, the changing face of Ireland, coping with personal trauma, mortality – and his recently published debut novel, Crime Of Passion.

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Hot Press Legends Series: Jason O'Toole Goes One-On-One with Tommy Tiernan

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Long Live The Revolution: Hot Press Sits Down With Cuban Ambassador Hermes Herrera Hernandez

Fidel Castro has passed away, and relations between Cuba and the United States have thawed somewhat. But it would be wrong to expect things in Havana to change overnight – not least because the spirit of the revolution remains strong and resolute. That is the clear message from the Cuban ambassador to Ireland, Hermes Herrera Hernández – a man who knew both Fidel himself and Che Guevara, and who insists that “many people in the world, if they knew exactly what is happening, would like to have the same level of human rights that we do in Cuba.”

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About The Boy: The John Boyne Interview

John Boyne had already penned a clutch of novels when he wrote his first book for young adults. Published in 2006, The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas went on to become a literary phenomenon, selling seven million copies. But behind that remarkable success lies a very different kind of life story. Now, with the publication of his latest novel, The Heart’s Invisible Furies, the best-selling writer feels that he can talk honestly and openly about his past: about growing up in Ireland, his sexuality, the break-down of his civil partnership, depression, drinking and a lot more besides.

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The Hot Press Interview with Stephen Donnelly

With no background in politics, and a paltry five weeks to canvass, he was first elected to the Dáil in 2011 as an Independent. Since then, he co-founded and then left the Social Democratic Party. Throughout all of this, he has retained a boyish enthusiasm and a sense of humour – which is unusual in Irish politics. So what lies behind the cheerful demeanour and liberal attitudes of the TD for Wicklow? Well, he’s a long-time fan of Hot Press for a start…

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The Hot Press Interview with Gino Kenny

Dexys Midnight Runners’ hit single may not have been written about him, but there’s lots of reasons right now to chant the name of the People Before Profit TD, Gino Kenny. Chief among them is the fact that he has got a Bill legalising cannabis for medicinal purposes through its first stage in the Dáil – an extraordinary achievement for a man who only became a TD in February 2016.

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U2 Party Weekend With Cover Band Planned To Celebrate Croke Park Gig

U2 fans will get the chance to party away in the company of a great tribute band at a special two night event being organised at The Church Bar venue in Dublin on the weekend of the historic Croke Park gig to celebrate the seminal classic album 'The Joshua Tree' in July, it has just been announced.

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LEONARD COHEN TRIBUTE: IRA prisoners adopted 'Bird On A Wire' as their freedom anthem

Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly tell us what Leonard meant to him during his Long Kesh incarceration...

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THE 12 INTERVIEWS OF XMAS: Christy Dignam on Aslan, Assisted Suicide and Depression

Christy Dignam bravely opened up in an extensive interview with Jason O'Toole back in October.

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THE 12 INTERVIEWS OF XMAS: Danny Healy-Rae on Church and State

Kerry TD Danny Healy-Rae sat down with Jason O'Toole back in September for an extraordinary interview on his religious and political views.

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THE 12 INTERVIEWS OF XMAS: Roz Purcell on Trump, Food and Repealing the 8th

Just ahead of the US Presidential elections, Jason O'Toole caught up with the former Miss Universe Ireland, who went to the States to take part in the Trump-led international beauty competition, to talk about modelling, politics and cuisine.

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Communication Breakdown: Catholic Church Denies Amnesty International Banned From Schools Over Views On Abortion Laws!

Amnesty International is not banned from any primary schools in the Waterford district – despite a letter being circulated that appears to claim otherwise, the Catholic Church diocese of Waterford and Lismore has insisted today.

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Kourtney Kardashian Gives Irish Company Massive Profile Boost

An Irish company’s cheerful little product is receiving some major international exposure thanks to Kourney Kardashian.

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Hilarious TV Interview Voted Most Memorable Irish Sporting Moment of 2016

The O’Donovan brothers’ humorous comments about their brilliant silver medal achievement at the Rio Games has been voted as the most memorable Irish sporting moment of 2016.

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Donald Trump's War of Words With Magazine

President-elect Donald Trump took to twitter yesterday to attack Vanity Fair’s editor after the magazine gave one of his restaurants a negative review in their latest edition to just hit the newsstands.

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Paul McCartney Album To Be Reissued

Paul McCartney’s critically acclaimed 1989 album ‘Flowers in the Dirt’ is to be reissued next March, it has been confirmed.

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Watch Bruce Springsteen Get Into The Festive Spirit

A video has just been uploaded onto YouTube of The Boss getting a packed Carnegie Hall into the festive mood with some Christmas tunes at Sting’s biennial Rainforest Fund benefit gig.

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Watch Lady Gaga’s New Music Video

Lady Gaga’s fans will no doubt have a million reasons to be excited to learn that the latest music video from her new album ‘Joanne’ has just been uploaded on YouTube.

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Key Music Industry Players Pen Open Letter to Donald Trump

Some of the most influential figures in the music industry are urging President-elect Donald Trump to radically shake-up laws concerning intellectual property rights.

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Obama Promises Not To “Vanish” During Donald Trump’s Presidency

Outgoing US President Barack Obama has said that he will not be afraid to air his views when Donald Trump is in the White House.

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Virgin Media launches Netflix on Horizon TV

Virgin Media’s Irish customers can now watch all their favourite Netflix shows seamlessly on their TV using their Netflix subscription on Virgin Media’s Horizon TV service.

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National Web Archive Preserves 10 Irish Websites

Ten websites that are believed to best record “Irish life in 2016 and remember the events of 1916” as chosen in a public vote have been revealed by the National Library of Ireland.

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Watch Arcade Fire Perform ‘Reflektor’ From New Concert & Documentary DVD

Arcade Fire’s powerful live performance of ‘Reflecktor’ in London back in 2014 has just been uploaded on the Internet as a preview of the band’s new two-disc DVD/Blu Ray concert and documentary, which will be released on 27 January.

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Robbie Williams Gives 1D Star Some Sound Advice

Ex-Take That star Robbie Williams has reached out to One Direction singer Zayn Malik, urging him to be strong in the aftermath of his debilitating anxiety that forced him to cancel some upcoming shows.

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Netflix releases The OA

The original Netflix series The OA, which is from visionaries Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij (Sound of My Voice, The East), will air on the online streaming service from 16 December.

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Elton John Launches Contest For Would-Be Filmmakers

Elton John has teamed up with YouTube to give you the opportunity to create a brand new pop video for one of his seminal classic tracks.

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Bob Dylan On His Shock Nobel Award: “Not once have I ever had the time to ask myself, ‘Are my songs literature?’”

Music icon Bob Dylan said it was a great honour to receive “such a prestigious prize” – but confessed that he always thought he’d just about the same chance of going to the moon as he did of being the first singer-songwriter to be deemed a worthy enough winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

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Simon Cowell Applauds Louis Tomlinson’s "Bravery"

He’s best known for tearing musicians apart with his outspoken criticism on The X-Factor, but Simon Cowell had nothing but praise for Louis Tomlinson after the 1D superstar found the inner strength to go on with the show and perform his new single just days after his mother lost her battle with leukaemia.

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Comedian Tina Fey On Why Donald Trump Is No Laughing Matter

Tina Fey has opened up about how she believes that Donald Trump’s negative presidential campaign and his shock victory has alarmingly fueled an increased level of misogyny in the US.

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The Jesus and Mary Chain Confirm New Album's Release Date

It’s 18 years since we last hard new material by the Scottish band, but The Jesus and Mary Chain has just confirmed that they will be releasing a new studio album early next year.

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New Education Resources To Support Next Generation Of Irish Entrepreneurs

Fourteen “enterprising teens”, ranging in age from 12 to 17, had an audience with the Minister for Employment and Small Business, Pat Breen when he visited their school in Wicklow yesterday to launch a new teacher resources package to help support the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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Michelle Obama Breaks Her Silence Over Shock Trump Victory

As most of the world stayed up late watching the dramatic US presidential election count unfold, the First Lady Michelle Obama has now revealed that she was tucked up in her White House bed fast asleep!

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Stephen King Hails Bob Dylan As Worthy Winner Of Nobel Prize

Best-selling author Stephen King has dismissed any criticism of Bob Dylan becoming the first singer-songwriter to win the Nobel Prize for Literature as nothing more than “just plain old sour grapes”.

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Fiona Apple Attacks Donald Trump In Christmas Song

Fiona Apple has put an anti-Donald Trump spin on a cover version of a classic Christmas song!

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Ryan Adams Opens Up About Emotional Pain Behind New Album

Ryan Adams has opened up about having to force himself to "keep my chin up" while recording his new album because his marriage was coming to an end at the same time.

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Lady Gaga Opens Up About Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder From Rape Ordeal

Lady Gaga has courageously spoken on US national television about how she has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder since enduring the horrible ordeal of being raped as a teenager.

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The Three Patrick’s Charity Festive Concert!

Composer Patrick Cassidy and actor Patrick Bergin are teaming up to perform a concert at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin in aid of The Friends of St. Luke’s Cancer Care on 14 December from 8pm – 9:30pm.

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Irish Soprano Celine Byrne To End Year On High Note

Internationally acclaimed soprano Celine Byrne – who was recently asked to perform for Pope Francis – will end the year on a high note with a Christmas Gala at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre in Dublin on 18 December.

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Kells Announces New Chapter For Literary Festival

The annual summer literature festival in Kells, County Meath will rebranded as the ‘Hinterland Festival’ in 2017, it has just been announced.

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Watch New Teaser Trailer Of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Sequel

It’s not set for a US cinema release until next May, but a brand new teaser trailer for Marvel’s eagerly awaited Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 has just been put up on YouTube.

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Trump Compared As “Closest Thing” To Hitler By TCD Professor

“Do not deceive yourselves: Trump is no ordinary conservative Republican. He is the closest thing to Hitler Americans have ever seen.” That’s the stark warning from an Associate Professor of US History at Trinity College Dublin.

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Madonna “Ashamed To Be American” Following Trump’s Shock Election

Madonna has spoken about her anger and dismay over President-elect Donald Trump’s shock defeat of Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House.

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‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ Comes To Netflix

It’s hard to believe that it’s exactly 20 years since Will Smith’s hit TV show came to an end, but Netflix is now bringing all six seasons of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ to the streaming service on New Year’s Eve for its Irish members.

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Fawlty Towers Star Andrew Sachs Dies

Actor Andrew Sachs has died at the age of 86 following a four year battle with dementia, it was confirmed late last night.

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Drake Crowned Spotify’s Most Streamed Artist of 2016

Drake was the most popular musician played on Spotify for the second year running in 2016 with an astronomical 4.7 billion streams on the music service.

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Coldplay Ban Selfie Sticks At Gigs

It looks like selfie sticks – along with more than a dozen other “undesirable items” – could be banned when Chris Martin and Co takes to the stage in Croke Park next summer, as part of their world tour.

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Jennifer Aniston Reveals Why Friends Reunion Would Never Work

FANS of the popular US sitcom Friends will certainly be disheartened to hear that Jennifer Aniston feels a reunion movie or TV show will never happen.

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Bernie Sanders Feels He Could've Defeated Trump in Presidential Election

Bernie Sanders has confessed that he's left wondering "what if" if it was him instead of Hillary Clinton who ran against Donald Trump.

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Neil Diamond Announces World Tour To Mark 50th Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that Neil Diamond is celebrating his 50th anniversary since he became a household name with his first major hit single with ‘Solidarity Man’ all the way back in 1966.

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Government Won’t Oppose Medicinal Cannabis Bill

It appears that the door is now finally being opened to making cannabis legal for medicinal purposes in Ireland.

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Star Wars Live Stream Event on Twitter

Star Wars fanatics are in for a treat.Twitter has teamed up with Disney and People magazine to live steam an exclusive special ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' event with a behind-the-scenes sneak peek from the hugely anticipated new movie on Friday.

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Bowie, R.E.M, and Nirvana Tracks Listed Amongst 25 Great Recordings

Nirvana, R.E.M., Elvis, Rod Stewart, along with David Bowie and Prince - who both sadly passed away this year - are among 25 artists going to have one their songs inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, it has been announced.

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The Contraceptive Train On Track For Abbey Theatre!

The critically acclaimed musical ‘The Train’, which is inspired by a remarkable true story involving a former Hot Press writer and has a score composed by Bill Whelan of Riverdance fame, is to be staged at The Abbey next spring.

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Michelle Obama “Will Never Run For Office”

The rumour mill has gone into overdrive with recent speculation that the First Lady Michelle Obama was planning to run for the presidency in the future. But outgoing US President Barack Obama has now debunked the notion of his wife making history by becoming the first woman elected to the White House

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Robbie Williams Opens Up About Needing Meds To Battle Inner Demons

Ex-Take That star Robbie Williams has bravely admitted that he started taking anti-depressants this year after a “weird summer”.

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Paul Simon’s Ex-Wife Carrie Fisher Still Loves His Music!

Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher has revealed that she still loves her ex-husband’s music – even if she feels he has personally insulted her in some of his lyrics.

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Trump’s Wife Threatens To Sue YouTube

The US's First Lady-elect is threatening YouTube with a major lawsuit over a video on its site that claims her son Barron is autistic.

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Lady Gaga Opens Up In Revealing TV Interview

Lady Gaga wore her heart on her sleeve on Sunday in an interview on US TV in which she touched on the subject of love following her break-up with actor Taylor Kinney after being together for five years.

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Dublin Vigil To Honour Revolutionary Leader Fidel Castro

There will be a vigil to mark the death of Fidel Castro in Dublin this evening (Monday, 28, November) at 6.30pm at The Spire on O'Connell Street, according to a tweet put out yesterday by Sinn Féin's newspaper, An Phoblacht.

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RTÉ Announces Partnership with RTÉ Choice Music Prize

RTÉ has announced a new partnership with the RTÉ Choice Music Prize for next year's event, which will see both RTÉ2 and RTÉ 2FM play a lead role in supporting what has become one of the highlights of the Irish musical calendar as part of a new agreement.

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Jeremy Clarkson’s New Motor Show Gives Hothouse Flowers Unexpected Hit

Hothouse Flowers are riding high in the iTunes charts with one of their old hit singles – and it’s all thanks to Jeremy Clarkson and Co’s new Amazon online streaming show, ‘The Grand Tour.’

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