Hot Press Got Parents To Talk To Their Kids About Music. Here's What They Said

Some surprising answers...

It’s the age old argument. Children just don’t get their parent’s music, nor have they heard of their dad’s obscure 80s glam rock band from Sweden. Kids will never know the unique relationship that existed between pencils and cassette tapes. They will never have had the emotional turmoil that comes from a scratched CD or vinyl.

This year, Die hard Beatles fans did online vox pops of children reacting to Beatles songs for the first time. In downright confusion, two kids point to the iconic 38 year old musician, John Legend, as being one such member of the band. No longer are kids choosing to listen to Britney over Bowie. It’s now about an alleged unfamiliarity with these pioneers of music.


Hot Press is here to quell the rumours that post-millennial kids have never heard of The Beatles or Bowie. Well, not in this nine person focus group ranging from three to 16! They know these old crooners. And to boot, can also recall their individual songs. Here’s some transcripts of the music conversations these parents had with their children.

Simon Lynch with his daughter Izzy (5), Tallaght.

Simon: Hi Izzy.

Izzy: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

Simon: Ok so. Couple of questions about music for you here. What band or singer do you know who’s been around the longest?

Izzy: Rolling Stones.

Simon: Rolling Stones? And why do you think they’ve been around the longest?

Izzy: ‘Cos my gaga [granddad] is old and he listens to it.

Simon: Ok…And how do you of them? ‘Cos of gaga, yeah? Your granddad listens to them.

Izzy: Yeah. All the time.

Simon: Who do you like listening to?

Izzy: I like listening to Kodaline.

Simon: Yeah? Anyone else?

Izzy: And the Rolling Stones. And Justin Bieber.

Simon: Very good. So what’s your favourite song right now?

Izzy: Justin Bieber.

Simon: But what’s your favourite song?

Izzy: The one with the guy [inaudible]...singing ‘sun’.

Simon: The what?

Izzy: SUN!

Simon: What does it go like?

Izzy: You tell them. I don’t know.

Simon: Ok… So one last question. What do you think my favourite song would be?

Izzy: Football matches.

Simon: The Match of The Day theme song is it?

Izzy: ….

Simon: Ok. Thanks Izzy.

Izzy: You’re welcome.

Lara Lewis speaking to her son Joey (13), Ashtown.

Joey: Most people my age listen to either house or rap/hip hop. The artists I listen to are Logic and Post Malone. There’s a song I like at the moment called ‘Let You Down’ by NF. And I don’t really prefer their other music. The oldest musician I remember is Frank Sinatra.

Sam Doyle and her daughter Lily (10), Ballyfermot.

Sam: Lily, who’s the oldest singer you know?

Lily: Michael Jackson.

Sam: And who’s the oldest band you know?

Lily: Ehm, Queen.

Sam: And who’s your favourite band now?

Lily: Little Mix.

Kim Broughal talking with her son Riley (4), Clondalkin.

Kim: Who’s the oldest singer that you like?

Riley: David Bowie.

Kim: David Bowie? And why do you like David Bowie so much?

Riley: Because he has the lightning on his face.

Kim: Who’s your favourite singer?

Riley: Justin Bieber.

Kim: Justin Bieber? And why do you like Justin Bieber so much?

Riley: ‘Cos I can dance to his moosic...I love the Christmas songs.

Kim: What would you think old music sounds like?

Riley: It has guitars in it.

Kim: And what about new music, what do you think that is?

Riley: It goes...[now dancing and singing] 'doo-dee-do-de-do-de-do’.

Kim: Thank you. Thanks for that demonstration there. But what about other music? What songs?

Riley: [Sings] ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’.

Kim: The Beatles? Do you like them?

Riley: Yep.

Stacey Nicholson and her daughter Nevaeh (9), Templeogue.

Stacey: What’s the oldest song you know?

Nevaeh: Abba.

Stacey: What’s your favourite song from them?

Nevaeh: Mamma Mia.

Stacey: What do you think is the oldest band you’ve ever listened to?

Nevaeh: The Beatles.

Stacey: What’s your favourite band now?

Nevaeh: Little Mix.

Jessie Statham talks to her kids Bella (6) and Michael (3), Waterford.

Jessie: So, what’s your oldest piece of music or band that you know?

Bella: It begins with “Cuh”... Can you guess? Give us a ring back if you can guess.

Jessie: Ok, why don’t you just tell them, because we’re going to send on this video. Who is your favourite music person right now?

Bella: You have to try and hear this *whispers very low*.

Jessie: King Kong Company? You love them?

Bella: Yeah.

Jessie: And what’s your favourite song in the world?

Bella: King Kong Company.

Jessie: Ok cool. Michael, who’s the oldest person you know in music?

Michael: King King Company Poo.

Jessie: And what’s your favourite song?

Michael: A banana.

Isla Mosse and her son Josh (5), Kilkenny.

Isla: First question is, who is the oldest band you know?

Josh: Tribute.

Isla: Jack Black is it? And who is your favourite singer, or band?

Josh: Jack Black.

Isla: Oh! And ‘Tribute’ is your favourite song as well, yeah?

Josh: Mmm.

Laura Venables with her son Otto (16), Arklow.

Laura: What is the oldest music you know or like?

Otto: I like lots of older music....I have Philip Glass and Joy Division and Hole in my record collection. I used to like Nirvana a lot but not so much now.

Laura: What music are you into now?

Otto: All kinds. I like Phillip Glass and world music and Death Grips and LCD Soundsystem...all kinds really.

Laura: What music were/are your parents into?

Otto: David Bowie and Bob Dylan and Pulp. All different stuff I suppose.

Laura: What music are the 'kidz' into these days?

Otto: Very different things, it depends. My classmates were all into grime and hip-hop, my cousin is into metal and other friends are into all kinds of alternative stuff.

Stacey Morris talks with her sister Saoirse (13), Kilkenny.

Stacey: Who’s your favourite singer today?

Saoirse: Rita Ora, Ariana Grande, Sam Smith.

Stacey: What’s the oldest band or singer that you know?

Saoirse: Rod Stewart?

Stacey: And what old bands do you know?

Saoirse: Rod Stewart!

Stacey: Yeah, what bands?

Saoirse: Uhhm… Westlife?

Stacey: What do you think about old music?

Saoirse: Well, old music is a bit boring. I’d rather pop music, but I still like it though.

Stacey: Ok, so what does old music sound like?

Saoirse: The Beatles.

So, there you have it! There may be a few Little Mixers and Beliebers, but they haven't forgotten about the original trailblazers.


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