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The Existence of the Queen Is Against Any Notion of Democracy

This is just one of a number of compelling charges set down by Morrissey in an article written for Hot Press, to coincide with the Queen's visit to Ireland.

Morrissey, 16 May 2011

The Queen's visit to Ireland is part of a new Palace PR campaign to re-invent the Windsors. The message from the Queen will be the same as ever: who we are born to is more important than what we achieve in life.

It should be remembered by the Irish people that as recently as the turn of the 1980s the Queen supported Margaret Thatcher by not dismissing Thatcher as she allowed hunger strikers to die at the Maze Prison, most famously Bobby Sands, who was 27 years old. As Sands starved to death in protest at being tagged a 'criminal' and not a 'political prisoner' by the Thatcher government, the Queen sat in her Palace and said nothing. If the Queen had any human feelings for the Sands family or other hunger strikers then she did not express them.

The full meaning of the Monarchy is, like the Queen herself, a complete mystery to most people. It is protected from any investigations by ridiculous stories of trivia and wedding dresses and on-again-off-again soap-drama romances. The most revealing statement came from Commander Christine Jones of the Metropolitan Police last month, when she warned that any British people carrying anti-royal placards who are "seen in the vicinity of the royal wedding would be removed under the Public Order Act." This means that any political dissent in England is silenced in order to protect the royals, which in itself goes against every principle of democracy.

The very existence of the Queen and her now enormous family – all supported by the British taxpayer whether the British taxpayer likes it or not – is entirely against any notion of democracy, and is against freedom of speech. For a broad historical view of what the Queen is and how she "rules", examine Gaddafi or Mubarak, and see if you can spot any difference.

You won't be able to.

The Queen also has the power to give back the six counties to the Irish people, allowing Ireland to be a nation once again. The fact that she has not done so is Fascism in full flow. What else could it be? Name one other European country that is controlled by its neighbour?


May 2011

Issue 3510 - Bono-Obama-Morrissey-Queen

Morrissey on the Queen is featured in our special Hot Press "Head's of State" issue, out Thursday 19th May. The issue also features Bono on Barack Obama – plus, among other treats, an in depth face to face with leading Leinster and Irish rugby star Jamie Heaslip and, to celebrate 30 years of the Slane Castle Festival, the Hot Press Interview with the man behind the event, Lord Henry Mountcharles.

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