All Hope is gone

While their peers pander to the mainstream, the masked musicians continue to honour their scene by staying true to their roots while broadening their sound.

More masked mayhem from the murderous Des Moines mob

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Slipknot announce Irish date

The masked metallers will be visiting Dublin, with Korn assuming support duties

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A chance to hear Slipknot's new album pre-release

Poisin, Dublin's premier metal joint, will be spinning .5: The Gray Chapter for punters this month, prior to the album's official release.

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Slipknot to burn dung at their festival site

Slipknot are to continuously burn piles of dung at their upcoming festival Knotfest, as well as headlining both nights.

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Slipknot 'The Negative One' - Track Review

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Joey Jordison leaves Slipknot

Drummer steps down...

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HMV claim Slipknot deal shows bands moving away from MySpace

Masked nu-metal royalty Slipknot have penned a deal to preview their new album on, prompting website owners HMV to claim that their site is now offering the way forward.

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Slipknot for Dublin

Masked Metallers Slipknot are to hit our shores this summer.

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Mask not what your country can do for you

They may make an unholy racket, but Slipknot are definitely on the side of righteousness when it comes to the Iraq War. Corey Taylor tells Phil Udell why George Bush is vying with Rick Rubin for top spot on their hate-list.

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Vol.3: (Subliminal Verses)

The partnership with producer Rick Rubin has the band revealing a deeper (if not darker) layer.

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Send in the clown

“There doesn’t need to be any problems conjured for wrong interpretations,” says Clown aka Shawn Crahan. And while you’re chewing on the prime gibberish, here’s the Slipknot view on humanity (“filthy, disgusting, disease-ridden”), fans (“they’re all cows”), piss (“i like the way it smells”) and life in a band (“i’m so bored, so trapped”). Prepare to shake your head in disbelief

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My Plague

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"'Knot in our country"

Lock up your religious leaders: infamous heavy metal mess-makers Slipknot bring their rubber masks, penchant for onstage defecation and heartwarming family-values-type spectacle to the Point

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The mask slips

Getting behind the scary image of the world’s most notorious band is not easy but PHIL UDELL manfully plugs away as SLIPKNOT’s SHAWN CRAHAN plays hardball

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Slipknot wouldn't be nearly as ginormous as they are now if they didn't come on like Freddie Kruger's redneck cousins.

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