It Is Time For A Love Revolution

"...overall this is a major letdown."

It takes some singer to make the lyric “Top of the morning to you” sound genuine and even sexy, and Leonard Albert Kravtiz just about manages it in the mellow and tranquil ‘Good Morning’, the third track on It Is Time For A Love Revolution. It’s 43-year-old Kravitz’s eighth Virgin studio album and his first solo offering in three years.

The revolution begins with a whimper of a title-track, and blood isn’t drawn until the aforementioned ‘Good Morning’, which is elevated by a stirring string accompaniment and complemented by sweet, simple and evocative lyrics. The saccharine ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ may be a perfect choice for the opening theme-tune for an American teen drama – catchy and with meaningful lyrics but with little of substance.

The second half of the record is an improvement, with Kravitz utilising a slower tempo – something that suits the muted, pared-back production values. ‘A Long And Sad Goodbye’ and ‘Back In Vietnam’ – narrated through the voice of a soldier – repair some of the earlier damage, but overall this is a major letdown.


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