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Pete Doherty has just dropped one of the best indie rock records you’re likely to hear this year.

Clearly, channeling the look and lifestyle of a...

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Babyshambles announce new album plans

Sequel To The Prequel will be their first in six years.

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Doherty to work on album in jail

Pete Doherty intends to continue working on Babyshambles' new album while he serves a 14-week prison sentence in Wormwood Scrubs.

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Lineup announced for Planet Love Summer Session

The seven stage action has been unveiled for this year’s Planet Love Summer Session, which takes place at Fairyhouse Racecourse on June 21.

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The Blinding EP

Of the many affecting moments in the recent Arena Pete Doherty documentary, one that sticks out was the final, lengthy shot of Doherty travelling home after a gig, singing along dreamily to Radiohead’s ‘High And Dry’. After seeing him lost in so many ways, it was rewarding to see him simply lost in music. And rewarding it is, too, to be able to write about Doherty as a musician rather than a red-top hellraiser. I’ve never really bought into all the artist of his generation stuff (The Libertines had a handful of admittedly memorable moments; Babyshambles have been pretty ropey across the board) but this might just be the turning point. For a start, it sounds like a proper record, well produced and actually featuring fully formed songs as opposed to the half-baked ideas of before. Good songs they are too, with three of the five tracks (‘The Blinding’, ‘Beg Steal Or Borrow’, ‘Sedative’] easily up there with his best work. Whether this creative upswing can continue will depend on a lot of obvious factors – this is a reminder of the living, breathing talent behind the tabloid titillation.

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Babyshambles live at the Heineken Green Spheres, Ten, Waterford

Without wanting to condone their hero’s chemical excesses, Babyshambles aficionados would be forgiven for worrying that a newly rehabilitated Pete would mean an end to the gloriously anarchic Babyshambles shows of the past. Judging by this Heineken Green Spheres gig however, they may rest easy.

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Pete Doherty reveals Babyshambles discord

Pete Doherty perhaps revealed a little more than he should have when he played in Ireland last week.

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Shane McGowan + Kate Moss join Babyshambles onstage

Peter Doherty was joined by Shane MacGowan for a rendition of 'Dirty Old Town' during the encore of Babyshambles' concert at the Ambassador, Dublin, last night.

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Babyshambles extend Irish visit

Pete Doherty's Babyshambles have added an extra date to their Irish tour.

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Babyshambles + The Immediate to star at Spiegeltent 'Sunday Roast'

Babyshambles and The Immediate are among the acts confirmed to entertain punters as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival.

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Babyshambles prepare for new tour

After their, er, eventful Irish stopover in April, Pete Doherty and the rest of the Babyshambles crew have announced a return.

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For Pete's sake

The media obsession with Pete Doherty is ghoulish and unbecoming.

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Don’t you want me Babyshambles

As a long time acquaintance of Pete Doherty, Steve Cummins was looking forward to a fly-on-the-wall seat on the Babyshambles tour bus for the band’s five day jaunt around Ireland. But no-shows, court appearances and the attentions of one Johnny Headlock gave him a rather different perspective on the Doherty circus.

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Babyshambles tour shambles

Babyshambles’ Irish tour eventually kicked off in Belfast last Friday, April 14 after the previous night’s Dublin date was cancelled due to “unforeseen circumstances" - and then again on its rescheduled date, April 18.

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Babyshambles in Ireland: the shambles have begun

The Pete Doherty circus was due to roll to Ireland on April 12 - but already the problems have started.

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Babyshambles establish spring tour dates

Hot Press can confirm that Babyshambles are on their way to Ireland.

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Babyshambles live at Koko, London

It’s not often that people start queuing outside London’s Koko at 5pm – the last time was for Madonna, and that was Madonna. Tonight though, the Doherty-ites are making sure Babyshambles’ UK tour kicks off in style.

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The bloody bugger. Just when you thought it was safe to write Pete Doherty off as some kind of joke, back he comes with a record that actually does justify 90% of the hyperbolic crap that’s been written about him. Albion actually does sound something like the work of a musical genius, a surprisingly subtle lament for England (“violence in dole queues and a pale girl behind the checkout”) that easily matches his former band’s fleeting moments of greatness.

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Down in Albion

The bewildering thing is, Down In Albion is a damn fine – if frequently derivative – record.

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Fuck Forever

You may not have noticed, but Pete Doherty sees himself as a rather troubled young man. And if you haven’t bought into his carefully marketed self-destructive image yet, perhaps the title of his latest single will convince you. ‘Fuck Forever’ is the kind of aphetically cool song that will appeal to droves of adolescents who hate school and think their parents are dinosaurs. In a nutshell: rock‘n’roll.

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Babyshambles prove a shambles in Dublin

Hot Press' Babyshambles correspondent Steve Cummins reports from the Trinity Ball and the Ambassador Theatre

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Babyshambles for Dublin's Ambassador

Having already been confirmed for the previous night’s Trinity Ball, Babyshambles have announced a May 14 visit to The Ambassador Theatre.

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A certain music magazine has, amusingly, dubbed Pete Doherty the coolest person in rock. Apparently, countless court dates and a debilitating junk habit are back in vogue again.

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Babyshambles: new single + Irish dates

Pete Doherty's side-project Babyshambles will make live appearances in Dublin and Belfast this December

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