Belle fest

Eamon Sweeney catches up with Belle & Sebastian on a surreal and celebratory night in Belfast

After bonding in an all-night café in Glasgow in...

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Belle & Sebastian @ The Ambassador Theatre, Dublin

A problem is that, as Belle And Sebastian, begin a two night, sold-out run at The Ambassador, the album has not yet been released. A clutch of journalists and downloaders aside, not many are in on the secret.

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The sweet belle of success

They’ve turned their back on breezy pop production and embraced a soulful, indie groove. Belle And Sebastian talk about the making of what might just be their finest record to date.

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The Life Pursuit

The much-mocked recorder solos and wispy female vocals of days gone by are entirely absent now. This is a lean and mean Belle and Sebastian (or as mean as any band who call a song ‘For The Price Of A Cup of Tea’ can ever be), and also a surprisingly groovy one.

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Funny Little Frog

If anyone could pull a post Christmas, ‘Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter’ style chart scam who better than Belle And Sebastian? 'Funny Little Frog' is certainly one of the more cheery numbers in the B&S canon (on the surface at least) and their fan base need little persuasion to get mobilised. Like others on this page, however, this is still missing that vital something to push it from the perfectly fine to the unavoidably great.

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Belle & Sebastian make their way Ireland-wards

The winsome pop band that other winsome pop bands call the Guv’nor, Belle & Sebastian, nip over early next year

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When news broke that the sensitive Scottish romantics had hooked up with Trevor Horn to record their last album it prompted feelings of both horror and excitement – would everybody’s favourite fey indie cult band end up sounding like ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’? And would that necessarily be a bad thing?

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The Belles of Christmas

Belle & Sebastian close out the year with a new album, a Fr Ted connection and the cover girl of the year.

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Dear Catastrophe Waitress

Ror those of you convinced that Belle And Sebastian are nothing but fey indie miserabilists, well the defiantly sunlit results may well come as a surprise.

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Storytelling is an eclectic mix of new songs and instrumentals, intermingled with unfortunate dialogue segments from the movie

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I'm Waking Up to Us

Superb arrangements and subtly orchestrated strings

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For whom the Belles toll

Winsome pop fans are in for a treat on December 21st when Belle & Sebastian and The Frames join forces for a show at Belfast’s Mandella Hall.

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Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant

While they may simultaneously delight and sadden tender souls everywhere, Scottish paltry popsters Belle And Sebastian fail to convince non-believers of their genius.

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This 1996 debut from the enigmatic Glaswegian sextet was recorded as part of a college music business course and with copies of the original, vinyl-only, limited edition reputedly changing hands for sums over £200, this re-issue gives the world at large the opportunity to see what caused all the fuss in the first place.

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