Le Boom Get Set For Longitude

Christy Leech of Irish electro-pop wizards Le Boom on his excitement about playing Longitude this weekend.

Are you looking forward to Longitude?

We’re really excited about it. We did Latitude last year in the UK, so it’s great to do this festival in Ireland this year.

Do you guys like doing the festivals?

We put a huge amount of effort into our festival shows. Just before the festival season kicks off, we spend a couple of weeks practising in the studio so we’re ready for action. We’re actually most at home at festivals, with the crowds and the summer energy. We feel really comfortable.

How is it playing festivals compared to clubs?

They’re very different. If you’re playing in a small club, you’re closer to the crowd. That brings another type of energy where you can really see people going for it, sweating right in front of you. At the festivals you have more barriers between you and the crowd. It is different, but at the same time, you have a much bigger crowd and more fans and that’s great too. I can’t really say which I prefer.

Anyone in particular you’re looking forward to seeing at Longitude?

Apart from the headlining acts, I’m looking forward to Sampha and J Hus. And there are loads of Irish acts I want to see too, like Krystal Klear and Kojaque. It’s great seeing all these Irish acts playing – they’re mates but we look up to them as well.

Do you think Irish festivals should champion Irish artists?

I hate the idea of being on the bill just because you’re Irish, but at the same time, it’s important to do that. It’s a good thing for a festival to do – any of the bigger festivals we do, it’s a good way of supporting the Irish scene and it really pays off. The Irish crowds love it as well; going to a gig and hearing someone up there with an Irish accent, and looking up to their heroes.

What have been your most memorable festival performances?

We did a couple in the UK last year and they were incredible. In terms of the Irish ones, the festivals we did last year were great too. The stages were so big that possibly we didn’t deserve to be there – but it was amazing to get them. We really pushed ourselves and we have very good memories from last year.

Le Boom play Longitude Festival on Sunday, July 15.


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