Emma Stone tops the list of 10 highest-paid actresses

...and there's not an Irishwoman among them.

Emma Stone has been declared the year's highest-paid actress by Forbes, in a top-ten list that contained one English representative (Emma Watson), one Australian (Cate Blanchett), one South African (Charlize Theron) and seven Americans.

Despite the large and growing audience for films outside the Hollywood system, no actresses from Bollywood or the various East Asian film markets made the list.

This isn't likely to be the case when Forbes announce their ten highest-paid actors for 2017, as last year, Jackie Chan made the list, and "four Bollywood stars returned to the ranking for the second year in a row. Shah Rukh Khan ($33 million), the top-ranked Indian actor, banked as much as Downey Jr. , while Akshay Kumar ($31.5 million) earned the same as Brad Pitt in our scoring period."

This contrasts with last year's list, which featured Indian actress Deepika Padukone as well as Chinese actress Fan Bingbing.

This is possibly due to gender pay gap differences in these markets, but the gap is certainly an issue in Hollywood as well.

Emma Stone made that clear in June when she commented that "in my career so far, I've needed my male co-stars to take a pay cut so that I can have parity with them".

Forbes calculated the earnings in US dollars from June 1 2016 to June 1 2017, and used figures before taxes and fees.

The full list of the top 10 highest-paid actresses is below:

1: Emma Stone, $26 million

2: Jennifer Aniston, $25.5 million

3: Jennifer Lawrence, $24 million

4: Melissa McCarthy, $18 million

5: Mila Kunis, $15.5 million

6: Emma Watson, $14 million

Joint 6th: Charlize Theron, $14 million

7: Cate Blanchett, $12 million

Joint 7th: Julia Roberts, $12 million

10: Amy Adams, $11.5 million


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