December launch new album with a gig - in their living room

Scottish trio December will launch their new album 'Sister and Brothers' on April 21, with an intimate gig - in their living room in Hamilton

December, made up of Ails Pattison on vocals, and Paul Ferrie and Scott Pattison, will release the album as a follow-up to their 2016 record 'I Will Let You Have Your Say'.

'Sister and Brothers' is a deeply personal record, reflecting the reality of growing up in the lowlands of Scotland, focusing on the cycle of poverty that they were entrapped by, the sad stories of broken families and the poignancy of the sectarian divides.

Ails Pattison said, "This set of songs is our best attempt to chart how it felt to grow up in Lanarkshire in the 1980s - and to make it through because it wasn't always an easy time.But that’s where we come from and our music too. The living room launch gig is because we wanted to do something a bit different that we could broadcast to our audience worldwide via periscope and Facebook live. We also wanted to do something a bit more personal for our long term followers and supporters."

December are set to play gigs across Europe this year, with shows in Belfast, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Dublin.

Have a listen to 1963, the lead single off the forthcoming album:


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