Alias Empire: Safety In Numbers

Dublin band continue to broaden their empire...

In today’s hyper-fast climate, fans don’t want their albums now, they want them yesterday. As a result, records are rarely allowed time to breathe and mature and the music can often be rushed. Thankfully there are still a few acts around who are happy to buck that trend and let the bloggers wait for an album that’s been given time to incubate. Take Dublin’s Alias Empire. While we would’ve preferred to get our hands on the follow-up to ‘07’s Choice-nominated debut Unexpected Falls a little sooner, the sprawling Safety In Numbers is more than well worth waiting for.

After easing us in gently with the hypnotic, hushed, excitingly eerie electro-opener ‘Introduction,’ the band formerly known as Dry County unveil a rawer, much more aggressive sound on the pounding ‘Colour Code’ – a caged tiger of a track that has a pleasingly cyber-punk-tinged edge. ‘Black And White’ is another gem which sneers with the best of them and is bursting at the seems with KMFDM and Reznor-like attitude.

It’s not all barbed basslines and serrated synths though. The measured, piano-based ‘Dead Zoo’ and the stripped-back, funky ‘Take It So Serious’ add just the right amount of light and shade. Undisputed highlight is the salacious, hook-laden ‘White Room’, featuring a snappy rhythm and buzzing synth.

Pretty much everything on Alias Empire’s second album impresses. Make its acquaintance soonest.

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