Going to Electric Picnic? PAMPER THE CAMPER Have Your Festival Needs Covered

Tired of lugging all manner of camping equipment around with you to and from festivals? [Sponsored Content]
Need a back-up plan in case you forget something? Never fear, a new festival-catering initiative called Pamper the Camper is here.

We've all been there. It's the opening day of a festival; we've fought tooth and nail to get time off work for it; we don't want there to be any hassle whatsoever.

The very last thing we need is to be stuck on a bus, carrying around a six-man tent. Or to be rendered clueless in the campsite when we realise that we've dropped an essential tent pole back outside the Gresham Hotel. We want the whole weekend to be stress-free, don't we?

As it happens, a brand new Irish company has been set up to ensure that your festival camping experience is as hassle-free as humanly possible.

Pamper The Camper

Pamper The Camper describe themselves as "your one stop shop for festival camping gear." But that's only part of the story. Because they also make the whole process so much easier and hassle-free than traditional suppliers.

Pamper The Camper

"Going to a festival should be a really enjoyable experience," says Pamper The Camper founder, Shane Ó Ciardhubháin. "We know because we've been there! Looking back at it afterwards, you want Electric Picnic, and other festivals, to evoke memories of good times, great people and incredible music. You certainly don't want the whole thing to get bogged down in the thought of having had to drag your camping gear miles to the campsite."

Pamper The Camper supply festival-goers with all the equipment they'll need for long weekenders in an open field – including tents, sleeping bags, airbeds and camping chairs (as well as Pamper Packs and camping essentials). Better still, Pamper the Camper allows you to order from their website, and then select the festival you want to collect the equipment at. And hey presto! You'll be able to collect the gear from the on-site shop, whenever you arrive at your chosen festival – including Electric Picnic.

"We also have an on-site shop," Shane adds. "We're there through the weekend, in case people need spare tent pegs, rain ponchos, camping chairs and so on. The service has proven really popular – there is nothing worse than being faced with a camping disaster at a festival. But there's very few problems that can't be solved – and that's what were there for!"

Pamper The Camper has already been a big hit this festival summer, at the likes of Body & Soul, Vantastival, Life, Sea Sessions, Castlepalooza, Mondello Park and Fuinneamh.

You can check out Pamper The Camper's website for more details by clicking here. And remember: you're there to have fun, not to end up stuck in the mud, searching for lost tent bits!


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