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Chiefs Like Us

They're one of the biggest names in indie-dom but, with album number three about to be unleashed, Kaiser Chiefs can still go out on the town without being pestered by paparazzi.

Paul Nolan, 23 Oct 2008

“So I bundled Kele into the van. Then he said, ‘I’m gonna kill him’, and he jumps out of the van. I had to get him back in. We went back to the hotel, and all these indie kids had been hit; there was proper blood and stuff. It was a proper big fight. Everyone was getting quite upset, and it was a bit harrowing. ‘Cos everyone wanted to meet Johnny Rotten, and he turned out not to want to meet anybody.”

Bizarrely, it turns out that Bloc Party weren’t even playing at the festival.

“Matt and Kele were just on holidays,” explains Ricky. “The thing is, Kele had been onstage with us that night playing tambourine, and it was quite good fun. But then, after everything, I was secretly thinking, ‘That was brilliant. I just fronted up to Johnny Rotten with an umbrella’ (laughs).”

Did he actually punch anyone?

“No, it was his entourage; maybe they’ve got the punk aesthetic wrong,” says Wilson. “I don’t know, I did read the next day that it was unprovoked and that he was signing autographs for fans. Now, he wasn’t signing autographs for fans. It was weird, ‘cos people were approaching him one by one to meet him, and it was like a lottery whether he’d hate you or be alright. There was one member of Mogwai who went up to him, and came back and thought he was great. Then someone else would go up to him, and he’d be like, ‘Who the fuck are you?’ It’s his prerogative I suppose, but I still think he’s a bit of a banana.”

Off With Their Heads is released on Polydor on October 20

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