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Lianne Overboard

Pro-fashion, anti-ex-boyfriends and ready to become the next big thing, folk and soul singer Lianne La Havas just can’t stop sharing her innermost thoughts with the world. It’s a formula that has carried her to the brink of major league success. She tells Roe McDermott about her high-heeled journey towards the top.

Roe McDermott, 03 Apr 2012

So tell us about this baby then.

“Well, of course there are a lot of love songs about my current boyfriend, who I’ve been with for over three years and is beautiful. Then there are a couple of hate songs! And then there’s a lot of songs about self-love, about me trying to figure out myself, ones directed at the past and the present. Identity is huge for me. My whole problem in the first place, when I was 19 and writing all these songs was that I didn’t know myself. Like, I used to change my handwriting all the time, it’s bizarre! My mother used to do it too, it’s some bizarre genetic quest for perfection! But I feel like through my songwriting, I’ve discovered who I am – or at least am close to finding it, to tasting true happiness and being at ease with myself.”

And as for who she will be in the future, La Havas has big plans.

“I aspire to be like confident women who know themselves – Ella Fitzgerald, Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, Nina Simone. Their voices made me want to sing, to want to be able to sound exciting. They gave me the need to sing. I’d like to give that gift to someone.”

Lianne La Havas’ debut album Is Your Love Big Enough? will be released in July. She’s back in Dublin for an Academy show on May 9

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