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A Rogue's Gallery

IAN STRACHAN was jailed for blackmailing a member of the Royal Family over allegations of a sex and drugs ‘scandal’. But a media blackout ensured that little of the substance of the case was reported.

Jason O'Toole, 06 May 2009

Are you going to get married?

We’ll see how it goes. But I’ve always loved her and I’ve got a second chance with her, so it might be on the cards.

How did your family react to this scandal?

They’ve all been very supportive. If anything I’ve been patted on the back and bought more coffees – I’m not allowed to drink at the moment (laughs). But nothing negative – nobody has slapped me on the street or anything. If anything, people find it amusing.

Is it true that you’re not close to your father?

Yeah. My parents are separated. I don’t think I’ve spoken to my father in 10 years.

The papers report you as boasting that your father’s “Icelandic and very rich” – but a story in the Mail says he works in a fish processing factory.

Let me clarify this – a story came out that I told people my father was an Icelandic Supreme Court judge. That is not true. I told people my uncle is an Icelandic Supreme Court judge. That’s where the confusion lies. And my father is not a fish factory process worker – he’s a fish merchant.

School friends at Aberdeen Grammar School remember you as a Walter Mitty character…

The funny thing about this is there was nobody ever quoted as saying these things. Listen, Sean and I were a pair of jokers. We used to wind people up all the time. I’ve always been good at winding people up. Whether that’s construed as being a Walter Mitty – somebody who actually believes what they’re saying – or actually being a joker (pauses)… I do wind people up. People would come over and ask, ‘How come you can sit here with all these girls and drink champagne?’ And we would just bullshit: ‘Oh, he’s an actor…’ That’s what we were doing. We were just having a laugh.

I also heard that you used to go around saying you’d inherited money from your grandmother?

Sometimes you’d meet a girl and I’d take her back and she’d go, ‘Fucking hell!’ Because it was a stunning apartment. We used to drive around in a Bentley, always had nice clothes and I always had money on me. I don’t tell people what I do to make my money. So, on one occasion, I might have said, ‘Oh, I inherited it,’ to get off that question.

So, were you rich?

I made a substantial amount of money in the property market when I was in the Czech Republic. The majority of it was on paper.

One unnamed friend was quoted as saying: “He was always embellishing stories and put on a show for everyone, it was bound to get him into trouble.”

(Laughs) I’ve always sailed close to the wind, mate. But it’s got me very far – trust me!

Other reports claim you lied about being a solicitor involved in murder cases, and that you claimed you had a degree in law.

I read that. My brother’s a solicitor in Scotland. But no, I never claimed to be a solicitor and definitely not involved in murder cases at all. I think that was in a Scottish newspaper. I don’t know where that came from!

So, you never lied about having a law degree when trying to recover money owed to a fashion stylist you were representing?

That’s quite true. In the fashion industry, everyone’s quite flaky and nobody signs contracts and all this sort of thing and I used to work in a capacity as an agent for a stylist. It was quite hard to draw payment from certain companies. This girl would go six months without being paid. So, yeah, I bullshitted on the phone. I knew my law, so instead of paying a lawyer a couple of hundred quid to retrieve money through the small claims court I would phone up and say, ‘I’m representing blah blah as her legal advisor’. Now, I never actually said solicitor – I said legal advisor. And as soon as I used to say that, I would get her paid.

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