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A Rogue's Gallery

IAN STRACHAN was jailed for blackmailing a member of the Royal Family over allegations of a sex and drugs ‘scandal’. But a media blackout ensured that little of the substance of the case was reported.

Jason O'Toole, 06 May 2009

The papers also said you were a regular cocaine user.

Regular cocaine user (laughs). That is hardly true. It’s complete bullshit. Yeah, I was a drinker and, yeah, I’ve dabbled but it was always light, moderate use. Or maybe on a night out at the weekend or whatever. I wasn’t a serious habitual daily user.

Ah, come on! I bet you loved your drugs?

I’ll tell you what, I did! At that time, I loved my Charlie. I’d go out, I’d drink champagne, I’d go to a nightclub, I’d snort a couple of lines, have girls around me. That’s part and parcel for most people’s night out. I don’t do it anymore. That was a period of my life where I enjoyed doing that. I’m not ashamed about it. Listen, the papers quoted me as having £100 a day drug habit – when we used to go around and buy Charlie, I’d buy a bag of it. We’d spend a couple of grand and chuck it on the table and that was there for the night. Yeah, I did enjoy it and I have no regrets about taking it.

I’m sure there’s offers of book and movie deals?

All in the pipeline, mate. Yeah. I’ve written a prison diary myself. In it, I shy away from the whole Royal aspect and it just gives a true account of life in Belmarsh. It’s more amusing than anything else. I read Jeffery Archer’s prison diary, which is just a load of rubbish. He never actually spent any time on the wing at all – he spent 22 days in the hospital unit – and describes a place that doesn’t actually exist! My little diary has turned into a little book. There’s a book in the offing with Giovanni. My other lawyer Simon Joe has written one. There’s lots of people been in contact. Production companies from the States talking about doing a movie, etc., so there’s lot of things in the pipeline.

Are you surprised this Royal aide got to keep his job?

I’m very surprised – but, I suppose, he knows so much, doesn’t he? They can’t let him go. There was a big dilemma going on about what they would do with him. They didn’t know whether to sack him – but if they sack him, is he going to talk? They had to gag the guy. How can they let him go? They’ve got to keep him in their pocket.

Do you think the British people should just get rid of the Royal Family?

Yeah (laughs). I do. I’m not a fan. A waste of money. Parasitical. Here’s a funny story, which is in the court transcripts – Sean sent me a joke on my mobile phone. The joke goes thus: A Nigerian turns up at Heathrow Airport and he’s pulled by Customs. The reason he’s pulled is because he can’t stop running on the spot. They take him to the back and let him talk to a doctor. The doctor asks him what the problem is. The Nigerian says, ‘I’ve been running on the spot for 28 days’. So, the doctor lays out two lines of white powder in front of him. The Nigerian snorts it and, all of a sudden, he stops running. He says to the doctor, ‘What was that? Was it Coke, heroin – what was it?’ He said, ‘No, it’s Persil – it stops colours running!’ It’s quite a good one that. The Royals all loved it.

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